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Travel Report - Myanmar / Burma, November 2012

Travel Report – Myanmar / Burma, November 2012

Nov 28, 12 • Asia, Myanmar / Burma8 Comments »
Please note that it is our experience and impressions, you or other people may have a better or worse experience. It really depends on people’s preference, level of hygiene they can handle, hotels they stay, services they use and places...
First time visitors' guide to Iran

First time visitors’ guide to Iran

Nov 5, 12 • Iran, Middle East16 Comments »
This first time visitors’ guide describes what we did and see in Iran, how we traveled around, where we stayed and what we ate. It is up to you to do more research and decide where you will go and what exactly you will do. We believe that our...
Iran: Women only

Iran: Women only

Oct 6, 12 • Iran14 Comments »
There are many myths & lies about Iran you can come across in the Western media. One of them is the harsh suppression of women. Segregation of women on transport may look like of one of the forms of this suppression. When I was going to Iran I...
Georgia: Transport - How to

Georgia: Transport – How to

Sep 15, 12 • GeorgiaNo Comments »
The main means of transport in Georgia so far is so called marshrutka, a minibus. They are usually old and shattered. Drivers are grim and swearing. We took these minibuses all everywhere in Georgia: along the black coast, then to Kutaisi, survived...