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TPR Photo Quiz - 6 August

TPR Photo Quiz – 6 August

Aug 6, 12 • TPR Photo Quiz3 Comments »
Where in Istanbul can you see this particular calligraphy? Travel Photo Report Quiz is a series of posts with photo questions about countries, cities, places of interest, food, etc.  A Winner gets a postcard. Rules: 1. A photo question is posted...
Glimpses of Istanbul

Glimpses of Istanbul

Aug 1, 12 • Turkey2 Comments »
Istanbul was, is and will always be the magical cross road between Europe and Asia with its hustle, noisy and thousands of people, as well as calm parks, magnificent mosques, ancient monuments and lively atmosphere of Taksim bars and clubs. This...
Miniaturk, the first miniature park in Istanbul

Miniaturk, the first miniature park in Istanbul

Jul 28, 12 • Turkey5 Comments »
Have you ever heard of Miniaturk? Yes, mini Turkey or miniature Turkey. I was quite curious when my friend Emre told me that we can visit this park with miniature models of various famous sites from all over Turkey. He said: If you are lazy to visit...