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Japan 5 - Osaka, Shinsaibashi

Japan 5 – Osaka, Shinsaibashi

Sep 9, 10 • Asia, Japan, Osaka1 Comment »
One evening i decided to go for a walk, and unexpectedly realized that I was very close to Shinsaibashi area. Osaka is full of shopping arcades and Shinsaibashi is one of the most famous. Everywhere in Japan you can see a lot of electricity cables...

Japan 2 – My first day in Osaka

Sep 6, 10 • Japan, Osaka3 Comments »
I reached Osaka early in the morning. After travelling for 1,5 days from Prague to Dubai to Tokyo to Osaka I was pretty tired and my injured foot was not much better. In fact it was even worse. I was tired and crippled but quite happy that I am...