Sunday, February 24th 2019


Travelling is like a disease. First you travel a bit, then more, than you cannot find time or money or both for all the places you want to visit. The more you travel, the more you want to travel. As they say Appetite comes with eating.

Besides there is travelling and travelling. Many people don’t travel. They just visit places, walk around or are taken by buses around places. Guides tell them stories that have nothing to do with real history and are as real as Santa Claus. Other people just go for holidays and sit in a resort village next to or even in a pool and drink all-included beer & cocktails all 7 days. Then they come back and state that they have visited country A or country B. Well they will be disappointed to learn that the real life of those countries A & B are somewhere near or far from all the tour buses and guides, swimming pools and all-included food. All mentioned is specially prepared for them, for tourists, well planned, adapted, and adjusted to be easily consumed. All that has nothing to do with real people and real life in any country. Besides people watch TV and think that BBC or National Geographic create a real picture. Considering media creates a very distorted image of many countries and events in those countries, we have chosen not to watch TV or read newspapers.

China faces an old man

Real people in the real world

We choose a different way of seeing and experiencing the world. We never travel with travel agencies, nothing is pre-booked except of accommodation which we choose and book ourselves. No guides, no excursions, no holiday resorts. We meet and mix with real people no matter how difficult or even unpleasant it is. I prefer to make an effort to break through a language barrier somewhere in a Chinese village by drawing pictures and trying my 0,001% Chinese rather than be taken by a tour bus to a place chosen by somebody and let all the communication to another person. I prefer doing it myself even if it is hard and tiring. But come on, it is like sex, would you really pay somebody to have sex instead of you and you just watch? Yes, you can give directions from time to time ;-) Well, maybe somebody would. And then, there is always first time for everything. First time to try communicating with a person without speaking each other’s language, first time to hitchhike with people you don’t know, first time to put finger on a map and say: Tomorrow we are going there!, first time to sleep under stars on 4 000meters. Yeah, yeah, I know we all treasure our comfort, and nobody wants to leave one’s comfort zone. But for me travelling is like food. I love trying different, new or strange food. I like exploring both food and places. People say there is nothing interesting out there. My home is my castle. But would you really eat potatoes and cabbage three times a day every day. Would you? I would not. At least as long as I have a choice, even if the choice is difficult at times.

By saying all of the above I am not saying this way is better than any other. It is just our point of view which may differ from yours and may be wrong.


Just follow your dream!