Sunday, February 24th 2019

Route 2012-2013

The following considerations affected our planning for this trip:

planning round the world trip world map

We have chosen the following countries:

  1. Ukraine as a start of the trip combined with a visit to Alexey’s family
  2. Turkey – we love this country
  3. Georgia –
  4. Armenia
  5. Iran – met a lot of people who gave positive feedback on this country
  6. Malaysia
  7. Thailand
  8. Burma
  9. Laos
  10. Vietnam
  11. Singapore
  12. Indonesia
  13. Phillipines
  14. Hong Kong
  15. Taiwan
  16. Possibly Nepal


The trip shall be split into parts:

1. Europe to Middle East (ending in Iran)

2. South East Asia & Asia (ending in Taiwan & Hong Kong, with a possible trip to Nepal)

Of course, we understand that the plan will be adjusted on the way and corrected depending on real course of events and our experiences in each country.