Friday, September 20th 2019

Passport & Visas

Passport – DON’T LOSE IT !

Visa – Get it if you need it !

When you plan to leave your home base, and go travelling for at least 1 year you surely need to get secured about the legal part of our travels, such as valid passports and getting visas for the countries where it is required.

As we plan to visit something about 10 countries, there were a lot of visas to think about, and I could not have the patience to do that :)

Alexey, has more of a planner mind, and he is also experienced about applying, costs, time frames and so on. He needs more visas than me, as being EU, but more or less we will try to apply for the visas on the way, such as in the country before. 

Ex. : Our first visa application will happen in Turkey, for entering Iran

You can read how we got visas to:


Secure yourself with :

  • Hard copies + scans of the passports
  • Hard copies + scans of the birth certificate
  • Hard copies + scans of any diplomas you have ( high school, university, TEFL – you never know when you will get a nice job offer
  • International driver’s licence (you will have a lot of fun renting scooters)
  • Travel health insurance ( I have chosen a basic one from AXXA )


Friends and family :

Provide the same documents as above to somebody close you trust, such as family or friends.

Give to a close friend the contact details of your parents. 


Passport and visas