Friday, September 20th 2019

Budget & Savings

First questions that come on your mind when you hear about…1 year travel are :

Budget & Savings
  • Who is paying for the trip ?
  • How much money do you need for such trip ?
  • And if you pay for your own trip…how did you get the money?

When we decided to go travelling for 1 year, we already had the money saved. They had no purpose at the time we saved them. We just felt like, we need a budget for whatever is to be planned in the future.

Therefore we start saving money a few years back.

Can’t say we made huge sacrifices / efforts, we simply just used our common sense with our expenses.

Such as :

  • Buy only what you need ( no “i” fashionable devices, no new clothes unless needed; also buy them in countries where there are lower prices )Home cooking
  • Buy where is cheaper ( I do make an extra 100 m if I can find something cheaper ).
  • Eat/cook at home ( Not necessarily all the time, but it is a good way to save some $).
  • Clubs and drinking out is expensive ( Once a week to go out for few drinks is good enough).
  • Travel during low seasons.
  • Lower your rent ( we shared a flat, and when we had our own place it was a 30sqm studio )

How much money you need for 1 year trip ?

It is rather relative…depends on how much you spend and which countries you plan to visit :)

We are not big spenders, and we adapt to most of the conditions available or that will not make a hole in our budget, however we also need to feel comfortable, clean, safe and a bit of fancy treatment from time to time.

We will do couchsurfing, stay with friends, but also hostels, guest houses, urban camping, camping. A bit of everything.

If you wish to know more information about our monthly / yearly expenses please contact us.

Happy travels :)