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I am Romanian, and lived in my country until the age of 27 years old. Some years ago (4) I have decided to move to Prague, Czech Republic and I have been living here since then. It is the most magnificent experience so far. I love this city and I call it home. Here I met Alexey, and he has stolen my heart with his true Ukrainian spirit (kidding :P) but he is a surely a character.

Once out of my small Romanian world, the horizons have largely opened and I learned a new vision of life. I have learned to travel. This is now one of my biggest passions, and hopefully I will accomplish my 1 year travel trip. I am sure will not be easy, but will do my best.

Yes, will be writing here as well sometimes, but not as often as Alexey…he is more “involved” into this blog than me. Am just talking…most of the times non sense, as any other woman :)






Me in Kaifeng China

Me in Kaifeng, China


My name is Alexey. I was born in the Soviet Union, actually in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialistic Republic. My teenage years were spent in the fallen apart freshly independent Ukraine. My birthplace is a small town of Zhitomir (claimed to be over 1100 years old), 100km to the West from Kiev, were I lived for 21 years. Then i spent almost 6 year in Kiev, and by now I have been 8 years in Prague.

My travels started when I was 3 years old and went for the first time to Abkhazia in Georgia (not the state in the US). My grandma used to live on the Ritsa lake up in the mountains above Gagra. The former was chosen by Stalin (yes, the tyrant Joseph Stalin) for one of his residencies (and, yes, i have visited ruins of it), and the latter used to be one of the main resorts for communist leaders in the Soviet Union. So my family and the leaders shared the resort ;-)

When I was a student i hiked and camped all over the Crimea the place full of history.  My favorite places include Mangup, Eski-Kermen (we stayed in one of the caves) and Koktebel village.

My first trip abroad was to Italy in 1997. I totally loved people, nature and especially food. I believe that this trip was the crucial moment of my life. After coming back I decided that I will leave Ukraine and will taste living abroad. New trips followed: Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey….

Some time later it became an addiction, and I was saving all money and holidays just to go travelling. Now it is something I cannot live without. By now I have traveled over 50 countries.

Now I am travelling with my intrepid travel partner and dear Mara. We are currently on our one year round the world trip.

Travel Photo Report Mara Alexey

We are in Beijing

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