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The Fabulous Story of FaBike!


 Have you ever had any friends that came up with an idea and actually worked on it and made it a successful business ?

Well I believe not many of us have such people around. It usually goes like this :

“Hey..I have this great idea. But I don’t know how to make it work, or what it needs to be successful. But it is a great idea. Too bad, I don’t have the determination to actually implement it” And this is where usually projects end, sadly.

However I have to confess here, that I am one of those. I had great ideas, but never enough determination and desire to work really hard to make them real. I give up fast, and mostly when it becomes difficult. I guess I might be just lazy. And because I am like this, whenever I meet somebody that actually doesn’t give up easy, and invests into a project 200% of their energy, time and hard worked $$$…I feel extremely overwhelmed and full of admiration.

This is how I feel about my friend, Fabio Putzolu. Who is the genius behind the amazing project FABIKE.


I have asked him to talk to us about this project. Few thoughts and tips on how to make your ideas successful.

Mara: Hi Fabio, and welcome to Travel Photo Report !

The people who read our website, are mostly travelers, and people who believe in life beyond office jobs, who like to discover the world through their own eyes. Many of them, might have their own little or big projects, and you as somebody who has worked and gained experience in creating, developing and succeeding in the world of independent business might be able to inspire or help with small tips and ideas on how to create a successful brand.

Fabio :  Hi Mara, and thank you for “inviting” me to participate to your website.

Mara: When was the first time when you thought of creating/designing something of your own ? Not necessarily a bicycle . I know you have been working in design for many years.


Fabio : Yes, already as a kid actually I was having fun creating my own toys instead of buying them. As an adult I studied design, advertising and photography and worked for many years in this field. So I can’t really tell when and what was the first thing I designed, I can only say that creating in general has always been my biggest passion.

Mara : When did you think of creating your own bicycle ? And why ?

Fabio :  I started working on designing my own bicycle in 2010. This was because I couldn’t find on the market a product that was fulfilling all my cycling wishes, and so I decided to make it!

Mara : When did cross the line from creating a bicycle for yourself and creating a brand ?

Fabio :  Once the first FABIKE was finished I just thought that maybe there where other people out there wishing to have the same kind of bike, and so I said why not to make a brand and launch it on the market.

Mara : Did you believe from the beginning it will be possible or your faith got stronger on the way ?


FABIKE @ the Swedish Bike Show 2013

Fabio :  On the way there have been of course many difficulties. Some days the faith in the project was very high, and some other days was just dropping down! But step by step and with a lot of work things got better and more “stable”. Still now there are issues to solve every day but it feels the project has entered in a nice flow.



Mara : During all these years was there any moment when you were ready to give up ? And what made you continue ?

Fabio :  More than once! But I always kept in mind that perseverance is the secret of success.

Mara : If you could turn back time, is there anything you would do differently ?

Fabio :  I don’t think your web page is big enough to mention all of them, so I’ll skip the answer.

Mara : What are your most valuable qualities that helped creating FABIKE ?

Fabio :  I’m very stubborn, if this is a quality.


Mara : Can you tell us a secret about you or FABIKE ?

Fabio : I never tell “our” secrets :)

Mara : How do you see the future of FABIKE…let’s say within 5 years ? Do you think you will open a shop ? Or a FABIKE center ?

Fabio :  I think that will happen before 5 years. Having a shop/cafe is one of my dreams since long time. I still didn’t figure it out where but I’m sure sooner or later you will pass by it in some city in the world.

Mara : Would you say FABIKE is an appropriate bicycle to use for long term travelling ? Or it is more of a city bike ?

Fabio : The FABIKE frame has not been though to be a cycle-tourism bike but rather urban/race, it has a quite aggressive ride. So honestly speaking I would not suggest it for long touring rides, even if I’ve seen people traveling with much more extreme bikes.

Mara : What could you advise anybody who is just starting an independent project and is aiming for a successful business ?

Fabio : Don’t rush, make small steps and only after you have finished the first small step proceed with the second. Don’t rush!

Mara : Thank you very much for your time and wishing you and FABIKE the best of luck!


And if you wish to make yourself a proud owner of such an amazing bicycle here is the FABIKE Facebook page and direct contacts to Fabio : Phone: +43 660 3741141

As to our travelers, don’t give up your dreams, and if you want to give up…find another dream. Creativity has no limits !

And cycling is the future. We do all understand that it is the most environment friendly way of traveling. Of course, apart from walking. So if you have a chance, do make a bicycle trip. It will change your perspective about life, our planet, and how important it is to have the opportunity to move around the world.

In a time when everything is faster and faster, slow down and ride along with nature.





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