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Chicken Loves Rice

We arrived to Bangkok, Thailand on October 24th 2012 and we stayed in Asia until March 7th, 2013.  That`s exactly 135 days.

135 days of ….no cheese, no bread, no steaks, nothing of what I thought of and grew up with as daily menu.

Let`s talk a bit about food in Asia, shall we?

Noodle Soup

Not many probably will share my impressions, but then again maybe not many have spent 135 days in Asia. Majority of people spend let`s say maybe couple of weeks or 30 days at max.

Food in Asia, for once we have to understand that is somehow an entirely different concept. Food is not really strictly defined as the 3 main courses, we know of. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course, they exist, however food is present constantly, hourly, and everywhere. There is always something to munch on (it’s very small in portions), a reason to sit and get a bowl of noodles, some grilled meat (but please don’t imagine any BBQ dimensions, it is a tiny little piece of meat on a small stick) or some deep fried bananas (they are super tasty, but felt deeply guilty  thinking of my poor liver each time was having them).

Deep fried chicken

Personally I think, food is not healthy in Asia. Everything is cooked, deep fried, stir fried, boiled and in the best case steamed. But never raw. Except for the fruits. So honestly I think that many vitamins coming from fresh vegetables, are long gone before they get to your belly.

And once I returned to my hometown, I had some tests, and my cholesterol was way over the high limit, so I had to get on a diet to reduce it.

Deep fried chicken

Ok…I need to explain as well, that all seems very new and exciting when first time in Asia, but this was ended for me after about one month. ONE MONTH.

After one month, I couldn’t care less what dinner was bringing on the table, cos my only choices would be rice or noodles, and chicken.And they all tasted the same.

Noodle Soup

And I was fed uppppppp !!!

Rice dish

My days were passing and each of them was the same. Couldn’t feel the difference in taste anymore from dish to dish. Well, I suspect is also a matter of attitude, and I admit, mine was not the best or a positive one.

A change was needed. So I tried to focus on the things that I like and found tasty, I guess is a general rule to follow in life…focus on the good, take the positive side of everything. And somehow things will be better :) Right?

So among only the few things I enjoyed eating, there was the “Chicken Rice” dish, which one can find in maybe every SE Asian country.  So I thought, I am sorted, with this I will be fine everywhere I go.

What is “Chicken Rice” ? Sounds so…predictable. Well it’s chicken, and surprisingly rice :)) The tasty part about it, is that it comes with sauces of sesame oil, soy and chili, and the mix of everything makes the dish absolutely delicious.  The chicken is steamed, and the fat & water that comes out of it, is used for boiling the rice. Disgusting ? NOOOO !! Yummy !

It usually looks like this …

Chicken Rice


The heaven of “Chicken Rice” however, we found in a small Malaysian town, called Melaka. Which is apparently famous for the particular way of cooking this dish, and precisely for making “balls” out of rice.  We found the best place in town to have it, and we became regulars. Literally. 10 days out of 10 we spent there, we had every morning for breakfast, this particular chicken rice. And I am pretty sure if we would have stayed 10 more days, we would not change anything in our habits. It was THE BEST dish out of SE ASIA, and my most favorite place to eat during this 135 days in Asia.

Melaka chicken-rice looks like this:

Melaka chicken rice

So, in the end I was not so much disappointed with the food in Asia, because I  found my hook, my niche, where I could run and find comfort. So don’t miss this lovely spot in Asia, and taste this delicious food. I would go back in a second just to have it one more time.


Melaka chicken rice

Melaka chicken rice


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