Friday, March 23rd 2018

Holiday with the Girls on a Budget


Summer is here! Well it’s trying to be at least, and now is the time to start planning an escape from your office for a week or so. A limited budget is no problem when you can pick up bargain last minute deals online, so gather your best friends and plan a well-deserved break for all of you.


It’s hard to get a group of people to go away all at one time, and one of the main reasons people give for not being able to make it is money. If you are careful and plan your trip within a set budget you can have a great time without upsetting the bank manager, and everyone will be able to come along. Just decide where you would like to go, or even better just find the cheapest deal and let that dictate your holiday destination. You’ll often find fantastic cheap flights from the London airports – why not book a Travelodge room in terminal 5, Heathrow, so you can all meet up the night before?

Next you need to work out what to do when you get there. There’s always that one friend who is fantastic with money and has been saving for retirement from the age of 18. This is the time to start listening to her. Let her find the best bargains on meals out (perhaps the cheap menu of the day or early dining offers?), excursions and activities. Some museums and cultural attractions are free or certain days, for example. And cheap tickets for waterparks and the like can often be picked up from tourist info or your travel rep.

Be smart when you’re away. Going out every night, cramming in activities and eating at restaurants is not cost efficient and your holiday will start to rack up in the cost stakes. Spend days on the beach, around the pool, or in a park with sandwiches as these places are free, and if the company is good then you will have just as much fun – as well as getting chance to work on that tan.

One great thing you can do on a budget girl’s holiday is a makeshift spa evening. If you each bring a selection of potions from your bathroom cabinets (preferably the free ones!) and gather in one room you can spend the evening buffing, bronzing, painting and primping to your hearts content whilst having a good old gossip over a bottle of wine. This has the added benefit of ensuring that you all look amazing during the break – perhaps plan it as a mid holiday treat when nail polish is chipping and you need a night off from the constant cocktails and clubbing?

Holidays and catching up with friends needn’t mean spending loads of money. Seek out the very best deals online and pick up a bargain break filled with low cost activities, so you all get an amazing girly holiday without blowing the budget.

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