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Humane side of protests in Istanbul, Turkey, June 2013

Since the end of May we have been closely watching the situation in different parts of Turkey. The protests began in the center of Istanbul in Gezi park. Early morning police moved in to clear the park from several hundred people who occupied it to protect from destruction. The city government had plans to destroy the last piece of green and built a shopping mall. Police attacked the people very fast and implemented excessive force. People became outraged with brutality and excessive force. Demonstrations sparked all over Turkey.

Social media was flooded with pictures and videos of fights between police and protesters. Images were full of tea gas smoke, gas masks, water cannons, stones, emotions and blood, a lot of blood….

A good friend of mine Petr was in Istanbul and took great pictures, showing the humane side of people from both sides of the barricades.

Instanbul protests 2013 07

Instanbul protests 2013 08

Instanbul protests 2013 06

Instanbul protests 2013 05

Instanbul protests 2013 04

Instanbul protests 2013 02

Instanbul protests 2013 01

Instanbul protests 2013 03

You can see more pics on his blog.

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