Sunday, October 20th 2019

Why am I traveling?

I came across this quote the other day and could not help but share it here with you, because it is so simple, but so strong at the same time. What we remember after many years? Only the brightest moments – sunrise from top of a mountain, sunset in a desert, a night in a Buddhist monastery, a hitchhike ride with a truck driver across Iran, a paragliding flight in Argentina, a bungee jump from a tower in Macau…..we forget all the unpleasant moments and difficult – heat, cold, mosquito bites, heavy backpack, fear of  making the first step into the abyss….this is what counts, this is what makes our life interesting and bright. That is why I am traveling.

keruak quote

So set aside your doubts and fears and just go climb that mountain, trek Himalayas, cross Gobi, do something you will remember forever!

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2 Comments on “Why am I traveling?”

  1. So inspiring,
    I’m gonna travel around Iran nature for about 4 months and it make me stronger about my decision.

    1. I envy you ;-))) I want to travel Iran again.

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