Wednesday, November 20th 2019

And so the story goes…

Well, as you probably have noticed we are somehow back from travels.

And if you haven’t noticed, here is flash news : We are back from travels.

Earlier than we planned, sooner than we expected. Why ?? Well, many reasons, but I will try to bring some explanations and reasons in the following lines.

But don’t worry, our adventures, stories and experience are so vast that we will not stop writing here (surely you want to hear them all :P )

Let’s start with us coming back. Ok ? And we will slowly go backwards to where everything started :) This journey and the blog I mean. Or maybe you’ll get bored, and you will close the laptop and go back to facebook or maybe your work.

An overnight flight on the 8th of March, and we were back to Istanbul, where weather was cold, and we needed jackets, and socks, and hoodies!!!! Can you imagine that ??? Probably yes, you can, but for me (us) it was something amazing, puzzling, confusing, but overall I was so much enjoying it. I know, feels like I am bragging how we haven’t been in cold weather for over 8 months. But you know what ? At some point it gets you. It gets you so much, that you would wish immensely for some cold weather, no sun, some rain, clouds, anything but not heat, no humidity…ah, the humidity. It’s only those who experienced it, can understand.

We were back to Istanbul, and the feeling that we were back home was starting to grow. Istanbul is not really our home, but our good friend who has been hosting us there every-time we went (and we went many times) always made us feel that his home is our home (hehe…don’t make us feel at home when we will visit you, cos we WILL).

We decided to return, firstly because we kind of lost interest in the places we were visiting, nothing amazed us anymore, and everything was becoming annoying. Seriously. And so, what’s the point to keep traveling if you are not impressed anymore by what you see? We thought about it for a very long time, and we knew what the answer was. To stop. It doesn’t mean we generally don’t like traveling anymore. This doesn’t vanish so easily, hence we stopped for few months and Alexey is now planning another trip.

We just discovered that traveling for so long without having a major purpose, it becomes very lifeless, unexciting and above all, we felt that we are no longer learning anything new. Traveling is learning. About cultures, history, traditions, differences, challenging yourself, becoming somebody who adapts easily in any circumstances. Once you have learnt all of this, there is a certain need to learn something different. Alexey discovered kite-surfing, and he pushed his limits, he worked so hard, and finally he conquered it. And the satisfaction was huge. Satisfaction which we used to get from our travels.

When this was gone, he felt that everything else we were doing meant nothing. That is an awful feeling. You want to do something to matter, to challenge you, to conquer, to improve about yourself, your physical condition, but somehow you feel trapped and not allowed to do what you want.

To all of the above feelings, my father suffered a hear attack, and was in recovery. I wanted to be there for him, and support him. I learnt that more than anything else, family matters. Well you all probably know this already, but it took me some years to learn this.

You would say that probably it is ridiculous, how can we get bored of traveling ?! It’s not that we got bored of traveling. We respect traveling very much, therefore I don’t want to be disrespectful to what traveling has to teach us. Get it ? I want to stop, do what I feel now that fulfills me (us) and when we are ready we will do it it again.

So now we are back, to Ukraine for the moment. Sorting out documents for Alexey, and ….do you hear the drums ?? We are getting married. On the 18th of May :) Well, don’t imagine anything like a “big Greek wedding” but it will be just us and family. We are getting married because we survived traveling for so long and we are still in love with each other, and we are getting married because considering our lifestyle and travel plans we have in mind :)) being married will make our lives much easier.

So this is in a nutshell what we are are doing now.

More about what we learnt, how we found the best chicken rice in the whole Asia and how we managed to get along during our trip …in the next episode :)

Sanli Urfa, Turkey

Sanli Urfa, Turkey

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23 Comments on “And so the story goes…”

  1. Well DAMN!!!
    Congratts to you both then!
    So I guess you 2 will come and visit me in Africa during your next trip? :D

    1. Thanks Clabbe, hmmm…well, since you will be there, I guess…sure, Africa on the travel plan :))

  2. Congratulations!! We are so excited for you both!

    1. Thank you Julie, when are you visiting again Europe ? Would be cool to see you two again.

  3. All good for you. Continuation of a good trip!

    1. Thank you Manuela :)

  4. WOW congrats guys! When are you coming back here? I assume you’ll be there for a few more weeks?
    Nice to read about it again :-) gave me some thoughts as well for my next travels

    1. Thanks Bert, we are hoping for mid June :) if all goes well :) Yup, travel plans…a never ending story :))

  5. Congratulations! That’ll be the start of another journey :D

    1. Thank you Lena, for sure is a journey with many adventures :)

  6. Nice to hear :-)
    And waiting for the promised visit :-P

    1. Thank you Laura, Alexey is crazy about visiting you, so I am sure we will get there very soon :)

  7. nicey nice. congratulations kiddies!!!

    1. Thanks Cam ! :)

  8. Wow!!! Congratulations!!! almost on our aniversary:-)

    1. Thank you Eva, yes now I remember…you had on the 15th ? :)

      1. 19th :-)

  9. I hope your dad has recovered well.
    And big big congratulations to both of you, cant wait to have you back :)

    1. Thank yo Eva, yes he recovered indeed, looking fwd to be back as well :)

  10. Well I hope your first “married surfing” will be with us. :-)

    1. thank u, Vitek! we will definitely come!

  11. I’m excited to learn about the best chicken rice in Asia. I’ll be waiting for your next blog post! :)

    1. Thank you, Jemma, we will keep you and other readers posted.

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