Sunday, October 20th 2019

Faces of Turkey

Traveling is visiting places, but very often if not always impressions and experiences depend on people we meet on the way.

Faces of Turkey is a small collection of people we met while travelling in Turkey.


This girl was sitting with her mom on a table next to us in Antep, Eastern Turkey.

A kid in Gaziantep

An old lady from beautiful town of Avanos.

Old lady in Avanos

A lady sleeping in a cafe in Trabzon.

Herb seller in Trabzon

This lady and girl wanted to invite us to their house when we were hitchhiking no far from Tokat.

Friendly people close to Tokat

Tea seller in Adana.

Tea seller in Sanliurfa

Flag seller in Adana. You can actually meet them in many places. I have not seen this in other countries.

A man from Adana

A man who types document on demand in front of a court, Adana.

A man in Adana

A chiseler in Antep.

Goldsmith in Gaziantep

Kids in Urfa.

Kids in Urfa

Tea seller I met in the morning in Urfa.

Tea seller in Urfa

Boys with a donkey in Mardin.

A kid in Mardin

A sleeping man in a tea garden in Istanbul.

Sleeping man in Istanbul

Fortunetelling rabbit and its owner in Mersin.


Kebap master in Besiktas, Istanbul.

Kebap master Istanbul

Seller of balik ekmek/fish sandwich/ in Karakoy, Istanbul.

Balik ekmek master

This guy made my first ever kokorec sandwich (read what is kokorec).

Kokorec master in Istanbul

An old lady from women’s market in Amasra.

Old lady on women's market in Amasra

A family (three generations) in Kaymakli village (read what to see in Kaymakli).

A family from Kaymakli village

An old man who save us in Pigeon valley, Cappadochia, when we got lost.

Old man in Cappadochia

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