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48 signs you traveled too long in South East Asia

How are two weeks, for example, in South East Asia different from a month, 3 months or 1 year?

During two weeks, especially on your first visit you are constantly in a state of WOW. With time the novelty fades away and you start noticing things you did not notice before, you start growing habits, likes & dislikes. Your whole behavior and preferences change under the influences of your new experiences and length of stay in a country or part of the world.


Here is my list of 48 signs that one has stayed/traveled in South East Asia for too long (in no particular order):


1. You subconsciously choose squat toilet over Western one (if there is a choice)

squat toilet Asia

2. You don’t use toilet paper anymore, and actually prefer water sprinkler

3. You prefer your take-away drinks in a plastic bag

coffee in a bag

4. Your feet have silhouette of your sandals/flip-flops

5. You feel uncomfortable when there are no slippers in a bathroom

6. You are dead sure that Thai & Vietnamese coffee are the best in the world

Vietnamese coffee

7. You drink your coffee with condensed milk (but no sugar :-))

coffee in Dalat, Vietnam

8. You prefer rice to bread

9. Fruits you buy are always peeled & cut, and you eat them with salt & chili

fruit stall in Bangkok

10. You forgot how to cook

11. 7-11 is not just a shop, it is your mandatory air-con recovery area

Red Bull at 7-11 in Bangkok

12. You spend time in shopping malls just to cool off

13. You switch easily between left & right-side riding/driving, sometimes in the same country

14. You can count to 25 in at least 5 SEA languages

Numbers in Burmese language

15. It takes you a week to switch from “thank you” of the previous country

16. You get upset if there is not street food around

street food melaka

17. You avoid any place mentioned in Lonely Planet or on TripAdvisor

18. You take off your shoes entering a shop or cafe

19. You are surprised when food is more expensive than 2USD

 Fried noodles in Chiang Mai

20. You don’t use mosquito repellent every day

21. You don’t exchange Facebook or Couch surfing info with every person you meet in a guest house

22. You don’t go to bars for foreigners

23. You eventually have a pizza and you think is not that bad

Pizza in Chiang Mai

24. You consider tofu actually to be cheese

25. You don’t offer drinks to the most beautiful girl sitting alone in a bar

26. You don’t remember when you bought socks last time

27. You ask not to put sugar in your tea, coffee, juice or soup

mango smoothie on Khao San road

28. You buy alcohol by buckets

29. You easily eat rice, curry, fried noodles or soup for breakfast

Bun Bo Hue in Dalat, Vietnam

30. Your dessert will most probably include beans and noodles

31. In a restaurant you join strangers’ table without asking

chicken rice place Melaka

31. You can easily eat anything with chopsticks including peanuts or chicken wings

32. You buy clothes several sizes bigger than you would do back at home

33. You don’t “freak out” when you see cockroaches or rats

34. You drink beer with snack like dried fish/octopus/squid

dried squid

35. Visa run for you is a great way to explore a new country

36. You like roasted sea weed

37. You consider geckos nice lizards and like when they come to your room

38. You are fine with smell of durian

No Durian

39. You will definitely negotiate a price if it is 0,1USD higher than what you normally pay

40. You put ice in wine and beer

41. You sincerely believe that whiskey is cheaper than beer

42. You can convert any price into at least 3 currencies of neighboring countries in your mind

43. You ride a scooter against traffic & try to overtake everybody around

Dog in a basket

44. You think that traffic in Saigon is not that bad

traffic saigon

45. You know that having a sleeping bag is actually a great idea (for night buses)

46. You have not used a knife while eating in months

47. Food served on a banana leaf does not surprise you

48. You simply smile when you see people wearing “Same, Same, But Different” t-shirts


You will never be the same again. 

New Year Bangkok


If you have something to add, feel free to share, we will be happy to hear.




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10 Comments on “48 signs you traveled too long in South East Asia”

  1. This is so funneeee but how right you both are! Travel safe or if you’re still in Malaysia, then “Selamat Jalan, ya!”

    1. Thank you, Lena. We have left Asia already. I am in Istanbul, Mara is in Romania. But we will be back soon enough I am afraid ;-)

  2. I missed your reports

    Nice :)
    7-11 is not just a shop, it is your mandatory air-con recovery area

    1. Thank you, Soroush. We are back :-)) Yes, as one traveler said during trekking in jungle in Asia: I would sell my granny for a 7-11 right now!
      I miss Iran, I would go again, but not at the moment. Hopefully very soon!

      1. Hope to see you soon buddy :)

  3. Nice to read this in Thailnad. Thanks

    1. Enjoy it and don`t get scammed!

  4. “traffic in Saigon is not that bad”, it’s awesome right?

    1. Grace, it is quite bad, but people get used to anything. Plus there is a bit of sarcasm in the post ;-)) Don’t take everything that seriously.

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