Wednesday, November 20th 2019

I have found my dream, have you ?

When I left for this trip, I was stuck in a quite depressing job, and was in desperate need of finding a dream. Somebody said…do you what’s stronger than fear? it’s HOPE.

So while I was very afraid that I will be stuck all my life in a job I don’t like with a mediocrity in everything I do, I decided to run into the world and see if maybe I will discover some hidden hopes and dreams within myself.

Most of my life I never knew what I wanted to do, I never had a constant hobby, I never practiced anything to perfection, and most of my life I felt guilty for that.

I went on this trip to discover what I am and I want to become in this lifetime. During the first 5-6 months of travel, my hopes were going more more towards the bottom of the dreams bucket, and…I was still in the same spot of nothingness as I was when I left. I figured…maybe this travels are not exactly meant to be self discovering as everybody else says, maybe I should give up and ..just have some fun. You’ll figure it out later. I was desperately looking for something to become, to create, to love (except for my boyfriend:) ). I knew that if I don’t find anything that will obsess me… I will forget it in couple of months. It must be an obsessive love.

I was constantly looking around thinking.. so what do I want to be? But since at this moment in time, I was already in Asia, and more exactly in Burma…where the food is not exactly the best, and especially there are no desserts whatsoever…I was going through a depression, and as somebody else said: I would have sold my granny for a cake :)))

So 2 reasons to be depressed: 1. After already 5-6 months of travels I haven’t yet discovered anything new about myself 2. I can’t drawn my point 1 depression into a big chocolate cake…or any other kind of sweets.

One day I woke up and figured it out. Wait a second? All I can think since we arrived to Asia…is cakes, pastries, and any other available or not available desserts. I am too busy looking for bakeries, so I don’t have time to be something else. And maybe this is what I want to be : A baker.

If I know one thing for sure since I was a child, is that I have always adored desserts. I would at any point give up on any kind of food and replace it with a gorgeous dessert. So …HELLO??!! Why haven’t you think about it before ?

Well maybe because, I never thought that this can actually be … what I want to do. I know for sure I love eating cakes and pastries, do I want to be the one making them as well ? After one month of thinking constantly about this, I answered YES. This would make me happy.

I made a plan, and ideas start pouring, I watched hundreds of videos about french patisserie, read books on baking and becoming a pastry chef, thought about attending a course somewhere in France, but this idea has a to it is pretty $$$. So I decided I will make a small home based bakery, and will work hard to get my own market stall in the farmer’s market of Prague. This is the life I want to live. This is who I want to be.

Oh ..and this means, I am coming home in April.

Now YOU find you dream. Be who you WANT to be, and LOVE what you do.

Am I afraid that this might not work out? Sure I am, but hey…what is a life without failure, and I will make as many mistakes needed until I learn what my life is about.


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10 Comments on “I have found my dream, have you ?”

  1. Good idea and good job,
    Hope you will success in getting your own market.
    I’m sure, one day i’ll be your customer. :)

    1. Thank you Soroush !! Once everything is ready you will definitely be invited to Prague for a testing session of my new baked goods :)

  2. This is an awsome ideea. Good luck and keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you Joshua, I hope as well is a good idea, and also hope will be able maybe one year from now to come back and say..hey Joshua..thank you for the good luck you wished me…it worked out, in any case I surely invite you for some cake testing :)

  3. Take it from me: life is pretty great when you do what you love. I wish you great success! Todd and I will look for you when we are in Prague next :)

    1. Dear Julie thank you very much,
      So I’ve heard as well that it is pretty cool to do what you love on a daily basis…so it must be true :) but if you are one of those already…you are very lucky.
      I really hope we will see you both back in Prague, you are invited to visit us :)

  4. Hey Mara,

    This is really great discovery. Seems like this is a real self-exploration trip you are having with Alex. Congrats, and good luck with this awesome idea! Of course please rely on us (me, Olga) to help you with this venture. Olga has also recently started her blog, and it seems to me it is her new lifelong passion :) Again, congrats! this post is really a pleasure to read!
    See u soon,

    1. Pavel thank you very much, for the wishes and for the help…I am so lucky to have such great friends :)
      Yessssss, I know Olga’s blog is very nice and looks really delicious everything she’s posting. But wanted to ask her if the pictures on the website are her’s ? For sure will be exchanging loads of ideas with Olga :)
      Self discovering trip…well, we’d better discover ourselves now, as we DO have LOADS of time to do that :))
      Looking forward to meeting you both, have some wine and chats like old times :)
      See you soon,

  5. Keep up the good work!

  6. very nice read Mara, I haven’t been reading your travels for a few months now, slowly catching up :) See you soon in Prague!

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