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Best of 2012: Travel highlights of the year in photos

Year 2012 was very successful in terms of traveling and full of thrilling impressions and amazing discoveries. In 2012 I started my long term trip and spent exactly half of the year (July-December) traveling full time. First part of the year I was working hard but luckily my work included traveling. So all in all I managed to see a lot of new places, re-visit my favorite ones and discover new favorites-to-be.

My traveling highlights of year 2012:

1.  Skiing in Hochzillertal, Austrian Alps





2. Visiting Baku, Azerbaijan during Novruz celerbation

Novruz in Baku 12


3. Visiting amazingly gorgeous Samarkand in Uzbekistan for the 2nd time

Registan square Samarkand Uzbekistan


4. Exploring Bucovina and incredible painted monasteries, Romania

Bucovina monasteries Sucevita 01


Bucovina monasteries Sucevita 02


5. Visiting Haarlem and Amsterdam

travel photo report Haarlem 01




6. Showing Kiev to Mara and visiting Pirogovo open air museum in Ukraine

Pirogovo Ukraine


7. Spending several days in the pearl of a city – Odessa, Ukraine



8. Staying with our friend Emre in gorgeous Istanbul


9. Discovering Amasra, one of the most beautiful places on the Black Sea coast of Turkey



10. Stumbling upon splendid Sanliurfa / Urfa, Turkey

Sanliurfa Urfa


11. Savouring Cappadcohia



12. Enjoying chilly and foggy Ayder, Turkey



13. Hiking Svaneti, Georgia

Svaneti Georgia


14. Staying in a desert city of Yazd, Iran

Yazd Iran


15. Realizing the dream of visiting Shiraz and Persepolis, Iran

Nasir al Mulk Shiraz


16. Taking it easy in Bangkok

Bangkok from Golden Mount


17. Visiting Myanmar / Burma



18. Exploring the Northern Thailand and enjoying Chiang Mai


IMG_6621 - Copy

The places mentioned are the best moments of my travels and almost all of them are on my re-visit list.

What were the best travel moments in 2012 for you? What pearls have you discovered last year? Please share with me.

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