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The pride of the Turks – FOOD !

Ok…I know, you are all going to say: what ??? you are now in Thailand and should be writing about rice and noodles, and tom yum and curries…and you write about Turkish food ??

Well, yes I do, not because I am not enjoying the Thai food, but because now we settled in one place for longer time and I can catch up with some of the posts that have been in the draft box for like ..months. And so finally few words about the Turkish food.

I am sure you all know already how big fan I am of the Turkish food, and I will always go back to Turkey at least once a year to enjoy it.

During our trip our great friends, took us to the most amazing restaurants to give us a taste of what real Turkish food means.We are very grateful to our friends (Emre, Yalin) who made this possible and we will never forget this experience.

The first thing that comes into my mind when I think about the Turkish food is: lamb. I have tasted here the most delicious, soft and mouth watering lamb ever. And it was not in a super expensive fancy restaurant, but it was in a very simple place which sold kebabs and rice.

Lamb chops

lamb-beef kebab

Second in my mind will be the eggplant. It is widely used in Turkish cuisine (but also generally in the middle eastern cuisine). Eggplant or aubergine is a very  “simple” vegetable that you just need to grill it, bake it and will make a perfect dish. And so in Turkey you will find eggplant in the most varied forms, like puree, grilled, kebab, stuffed.

Stuffed eggplant

Eggplant kebab

Eggplant puree with lamb kebab

Third but surely not the last, is the traditional kebabs (doner or durum). No matter what time of the day is, breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, tea time, snack time…it can always be kebab time. They are famous all over the world, and have all the deserved rights to be. Simple, tasty and affordable. Every morning you can see the vendors preparing their kebabs for the day…have a look :)

Chicken Kebab

Turkish kebab

One great thing about dinning in Turkey is that when you go to a restaurant and order a meal, most of the times comes with complimentary salad or grilled veggies (tomatoes or peppers), lemon and parsley. And always tea at the end of your meal.    This is how a typical lunch or dinner set looks like:

Turksih food

Lahmacun is the Turkish version of pizza. A thin dough with minced meat and spices, which you usually eat rolled like a kebab with added parsley and lemon inside. Makes a good snack or breakfast.

Lahmacun - Turksih pizza

Kokorec is a dish consisting mainly of lamb and goat intestines. It is purely divine and I enjoyed it a lot.

Kokorec Istanbul

I speak highly of the Turkish cuisine, which I found to be one of the most widely ranged types of food, it is an impressive fusion of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines. Turkish cuisine has influenced all of the neighboring countries and even some of the western Europe.

When I’m in Turkey, but also when I’m somewhere else I often think that Turkey has it all….it has great meat dishes, fresh vegetables, tasty rice, amazing desserts, delicious cheese, milk, butter, they’ve got pistachios and hazelnuts, honey and abundant fruits, the sun, the sea, forests, mountains, history and culture. What else can you ask for?

Some more pictures, for your delight.

Turkish food

Turksih food

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  1. I’m going to go to Turkey in few weeks,
    Hmmmm, Now i can’t stop thinking about foods

    1. Soroush I want to hear from you when you are back from your trip to Turkey, to tell me what you liked during your trip :) I am sure you will like the foods and desserts..are super delicious :) Enjoy your trip !

  2. so hungry now :( thanks :)

    1. U r welcome. It is actually decided we will finish the trip in Turkey ;-))) Turkish food again!

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