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TPR Travel Tip – Friday Halal Street in Chiang Mai

For many people traveling is tasting food in places they visit. For me it definitely is. Good food can definitely compensate for drawbacks of a place or a country. Great food can enhance great experience and I would definitely come back to such places.

Thai cuisine is one of the best in Asia. Moreover Thailand has one of the best street food scenes in the world. Street food is everywhere. You can easily eat a soup, fried rice or noodles, get a fruit shake or fresh juice, grilled chicken or pork and many other delicious dishes.

While exploring food options in Chiang Mai we came across a Friday Halal Street food market. It takes places close to the mosque in the area of the Night Market. We also learnt during our trip in China (where it was not easy to find good food) that food cooked by Muslim people is often a good choice. So when we saw a poster for this Friday Halal street we knew we would be there next time it takes place. We highly recommend anyone visiting or staying in Chiang Mai to visit this place on Friday evening. For us it became a weekly activity.

Halal street


The entrance to the Halal Charoen Prathet Lane/Soi 1 from Chan Klang Rd.

Entrance to the street

These are very good soups. I already forgot the names, as they are not easy to pronounce. The one on the right tastes a bit like Dizi from Iran or mutton soup from Uzbekistan

Delicious soups

This is Pad Thai, Muslim style.

Pad Thai


Chicken shish with veggies (different from Thai style grilled chicken).

Chicken grill

Chicken balls

Chicken balls


The best samosa in the Halal street located close to the opposite side from Chan Klang Rd.

Best samosa

Omelettes fried in banana leaves.

Omelette in banana leaf


Chicken bread, fried pumpkin and mini spring rolls ;-)

Tasty food


A for desert delicious rotee/roti with banana and condensed sweet milk.


The street has way more food than I have posted. You should definitely come and try some of it. It is so good that we cannot really stop eating and have to force ourselves to stop and leave. Food is really delicious here. If you stay for long time in Chiang Mai it will give you a change in tastes for a change.

We will definitely be going to the Halal street every Friday till we leave from Chiang Mai on 7 Jan 2012. Feel free to join us, send us a message.

The location map:

View Travel Photo Report Halal Street Chiang Mai in a larger map

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