Wednesday, November 13th 2019

Buddha & Holy Disco lights

What surprised me in Burma is how they decorate religious object like altars, temples, and Buddhas with Christmas lights. I believe the religion had a certain boost with electricity becoming wide spread and cheap Christmas lights from China. We saw these decorations everywhere from Shwedagon Pagoda to the monastery on Mt Zwegabin to people’s homes. Of course, blinking colorful lights bring up the atmosphere of a holiday or celebration. In my memory  it is associated with the beauty of Christmas Prague in December each year. I believe these light elevate people’s mood and brighten up their lives.

I find the most interesting the blinking colorful halos around Buddha’s heads almost in every temple. I cannot recall any other Buddhist country (out of those I visited) where Buddhas have these disco lights.

I specifically made a video to share in of the temples of the Swedagon Pagdoda in Yangon.

YouTube Direkt

What other countries have this unusual feature? Please let me know where you have seen something like this.

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2 Comments on “Buddha & Holy Disco lights”

  1. I think may be for you it’s Christmas light as you were grown up knowing that is Christmas light. But for us that is just a light to brighten up or decorate the temple. For the so called disco light on the Buddha’s head, (If i am not wrong) it is to demonstrate the array of light coming out from Buddha especially around the head. My explanation is bad due to restriction of my knowledge in both English and about Buddha. Now there’s something for me to learn more about it to explain others. Thanks for the post.

    1. I understand that for Burmese people they are not Christmas lights and I understand they represent energy flows. I don’t think such lights were used before electricity got wide-spread, so it must be quite a novelty in the country. I just find it interesting. I have never seen such things before.

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