Sunday, October 20th 2019

For the women of Iran, with love!

It took me some time to create this post, because I was afraid that I have not gathered enough pictures so that you understand everything I want to say. But, I hope you will get my point anyway and trust my judgment. If not…well I guess you will just have to visit this lovely country and see for yourself.

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When I arrived to Iran, the idea of wearing a hijab seemed very cool, exotic and I thought it will be an experience that will teach me something, what it means to be under the restriction of a dress code, what it means to lack the freedom of expressing yourself through your outfit. In Prague or other places in Europe, the way you dress sometimes tells a lot about yourself, and many people choose their clothes to speak for themselves about their mood, their feelings and personality. I like it, and I like seeing how people are different from each other, how personality is shown in the most funky outfits, and this is an art. But wearing a hijab seemed to me something unusual and I was actually looking forward to this new style I was about to adopt for 1 month. So exotic, I thought !

The moment we entered the country, I was very eager to see, more than anything else, the women of Iran. And that’s how my entire trip went, that’s all I mostly remember from Iran…how amazingly beautiful the women of Iran are. How much grace, how much elegance they have, how they have mastered the art of being beautiful under the restrictions of a dress code. They are the most beautiful women I have ever seen. And I confess that what seemed at the beginning a cool thing to do, wearing a hijab, it became at the end of my trip a burden. And if wearing it is not a personal choice, then my heart bends towards all the women who are obeying rules that do not represent their choices.

The pictures I have collected are surely not enough to express the immensity of their beauty, as I was busy staring with my mouth open many times and couldn’t focus on taking pictures of women who were passing by. Many times I felt uncomfortable to ask for pictures, as probably they would not understand why I am so fascinated about their beauty, and many were shy or embarrassed thinking they cannot be beautiful because of the hijab they have to wear. But to me they seemed even more beautiful.

The most common question I have been asked was how do I feel about wearing a hijab, what do I think about it, and most of them were telling me apologetic that it is not their choice to wear it but they have to… I thought maybe that’s the price they have to pay for this majestic beauty, a hijab.

And so, for all the women of Iran, I bow in front of your beauty, I bow in front of your grace, I bow in front of your everyday fight to conquer again the pride to be a beautiful woman. You are an inspiration to me!

women of Iran

Women of Iran

Women of Iran

Women of Iran

Women of Iran

Women of Iran

Women of Iran


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18 Comments on “For the women of Iran, with love!”

  1. Very gooddd

  2. Women are beautiful in every country.
    But persian woman are special.. :)

  3. wh womens in Iran are soo beautyful?????

  4. hi
    are you sure you traveled to Iran?
    me as Iranian , believe Iranian girls are not in good rank in beauty!

    1. Mohammad, do you like blond girls from Eastern Europe? I bet you do. Many people don’t find them beautiful. As they say “many men, many minds”. I am not going to argue about tastes and who is beautiful or not, as it is just like talking what is better coffee or tea.

  5. hey! I agree with the guy who made this site and post. persian beauty is the most exotic and gorgeous beauty of all, unlike blondes and redheads has lot of same looks, but persian women has a different level so I’m saying that in my own beauty ranking their are number one, and I admit I’m obsessed with them. thumbs up!!!

    1. hello
      i should thank you for traveling to our country Iran, it’s a pleasure that you find iranian women attractive and beautiful…
      but dont you think hijab makes irainian women a little bit more beautiful?!
      I really enjoy to speak to people around the world and share ideas so here is my email adress

      1. Hi Hamed
        Thank you for the comment. We have enjoyed our visit to Iran and hopefully will come again.
        I will send an email to your address.

  6. Hi , Salam , Hola , Ciao

    I am an Iranian girl , and a photographer , a travel lover….i was surfing in net for some information , and i saw this article about Iran ….YOU MADE ME CRIED….THANK YOUUUUUUUUU MILLION TIMES Alex & Mara..
    for such unbelievable , beautiful , fantastic words that describing women of Iran ..
    i wish that time that you were in Iran , i have met you….
    You guys have great heart and you are my friends , without any doubt , and i like to meet you one day …i like to be in touch with you guys , how can i be in touch??…wooo you know it’s the first time i see the article so beautifully written , so excited ,hahaha
    and again welcome you to Iran …i am sure there are a lot that you miss to visit ….AND BE SURE I GIVE YOU ANY INFORMATION ,ANY HELP THAT YOU NEED…

    it will be my pleasure to talk to you
    send you my love from Tehran
    take care
    have fun

    1. Hi Parissa
      Thank you for your comment. I have sent an email as an answer to you.

  7. Iran the most plastic surgery & 10 kilo make up the iranian wome wearing and u call these all by the name of beauty?
    original long face big nose big head?

  8. persian most beauty ha????
    nose job
    hair bleeaching
    tan the skin
    all women in 1 style…. commen style is red lipstick. i think as their dress code only allow same goes to red lipstick.

  9. i think the European country are searching for black hair and they think it is beautiful because they are searching for someone that is different on their country it is Reality that every one are searching for diffirent person that they are not in their country but i am from iran and i love blond girl not complete blond i hate yellow and red girl they are terrible i like some one like as maria sharapoova she is not completly blond and not black, i love russian girl …

  10. […] be completely eclipsed in Iran.  As Mara wrote of the Iranian women in her 2012 article titled For the women of Iran, with Love “They are the most beautiful women I have ever seen”.  I concur – as do many others.  And […]

  11. […] would be completely eclipsed in Iran. As Mara wrote of the Iranian women in her 2012 article titled For the women of Iran, with Love “They are the most beautiful women I have ever seen”. I concur__ as do many others. Iranian men […]

  12. Hi!
    my name is Marzieh . I am really glad to meet & know you .
    I’m an Iranian girl who is from Gonabad of Khorasan Razavi province. I’m not sure about your information of Gonabad but i’m sure that you know Imam Reza holy shrine & maybe you’ve visited it.
    I learn English & i’m really interested to being in touch with some English people.
    this article was great to me ..
    I’m ready to exchange my information with you guys ..
    please be in touch with me by means of my email
    i wish you happiness forever
    Love you..

    1. Hi Marzieh,
      Thank you for your comment. We have not been to Gonabad. We may travel there when we go to Iran next time. Let’s keep in touch and maybe we will meet in the future.
      take care,

  13. Hi, Maria.
    Although I am not a female… I should thank you for your gratitude and I must say:
    Yes, “veil” is beautiful but it became more attractive when it wore with the person’s choice.
    In Iran most of people do not know why they should cover themselves, they assume that this coercion is not compatible with their freedom. So, I was really surprised when I saw your opinion about “hijab”, because that every clever person knows that when he has a treasure, he must cover it.
    Islam is a religion that has discovered the importance of women in society.
    When a woman wants to be bare, she actually knows herself as the cheapest good.

    Thank you a lot again.


    (Excuse me for bad writing. English is not even my second language; perhaps third or fourth… hahaha:)

    AbdulRahman 20y.o. Kurdish

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