Wednesday, November 20th 2019

Travelers please…wash yourself !

I have encountered recently many “long term travelers”  which have forgotten the basic hygiene standards, or better said they have chosen to forget them, to simplify their own lives. I find it disturbing and feel like somebody has really misunderstood the freedom of travelling.

tips for travelers

I am far from being someone who is keeping track with the latest fashion trends and moreover since I am travelling I understood that it is difficult to keep on polishing my nails, spend 1 hour to do my hair, put tons of make up and carry my perfume with me. I used to, definitely, when I was back home to do all of the above. But when on the road, it is a bit hard.

HOWEVER…even if I don’t do my hair anymore in a perfect style, I make sure it is washed every 2-3 days so that it is not greasy and smelly, I don’t polish my nails anymore but I make sure they are cut and clean all the time, I no longer use make up but I make sure my face looks clean and fresh, I no longer use perfume…but I have not forgotten to use deodorant and take showers everyday (and I disclose from here the moments when I might be camping or trekking)

There is somewhere written a secret code of a cool traveler :

– takes as less showers as possible;

– wash the clothes …almost never;

– never use deodorant;

– don’t shave, nor cut hair;

– and go to India to find enlightenment (basically travel as cheap as possible for as long as possible).

I am surely not a cool traveler, nor do I intend to be one (ever I hope).

When I left my home, I have promised myself not to become such a traveler  I still want to look like a woman, I still want to smell good, wear a pretty dress from time to time…it surely isn’t easy, as most of the times we all want to choose comfort above anything that requires a bit more than just pulling on a t-shirt and the daily shorts.
The spirit of freedom is in your heart and you will not lose it if you push yourself to follow some standards (and use some soap). Please keep yourself and your surroundings clean !

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5 Comments on “Travelers please…wash yourself !”

  1. Mara… I support your decision!
    DO NOT become one of “those” travellers :)

    1. Hehe…thanks Clabbe :)

  2. yeah I think we all know what you’re talking about :) funny read

    1. Thanks Bert!

  3. Thanks for the post Mara! Definitely support you and intended to do the same! I will send the link to Sascha now, so he will stop complaining about my daily make-up routine :D

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