Wednesday, November 20th 2019

5 months and keep counting …

Our travels have now reached 5 months, and we want to always remember this trip, we want to stop and look back at the good and the bad’s, at what we have learnt and what we have forgotten. Our memories in few words…


  • What have you liked most during the 5 months of travel?

Mara : I guess it would be the world’s best sweet : baklava :)

Alexey : Mountains in Svaneti area, Georgia.

  • What have you disliked most?
Mara : Human filth in Burma
Alexey: Guest houses on the black sea in Georgia, and Burmese food.
  • What was the biggest challenge?
Mara : climbing up to a Buddhist monastery in Burma, 3000 steps, at 5.30 am and the heat at 6 was already 30 degrees :)
Alexey: to keep Mara happy and do everything I want :)
  • What have you learnt about yourself?
Mara : I have learnt that just traveling, at some point becomes boring. The more I travel the less I admire those who travel longer, because I see it is not that difficult and more and more the need to learn something practical, to create something to see the result of my own action, become imminent.
Alexey : Still learning..
  • What have you learnt about the world and the countries you traveled to?
Mara : Never judge a country within the first 5 days. Each experience is very subjective and personal. The world is a fuck-ed up place, and I am really lucky to be born where I was born.
Alexey : Information presented by media, and impressions described by bloggers or other travelers are usually very different from my own experience.
  • Is there anything you miss at the moment?
Mara : Winter, cheese, cooking, wine. Oh and yes…family and friends :)
Alexey : Skiing, good European food and Czech beer.
  • What are your plans for the next months?

Mara : Am planning to travel less, to spend more time in particular places where I can actually learn something. Like surfing in Bali, diving in Malaysia, I want to work in a bakery in Thailand and learn how to bake :) (strangely yes, baking in Bangkok)

Alexey : Having rest and enjoying Thailand.


  • What is your advise for other travelers ?

Mara : Travel light. Please …travel light. Having a huge backpack will never help you :)

Alexey : Try to travel slower and feel each place you visit instead of “ticking off” a list of destinations.



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2 Comments on “5 months and keep counting …”

  1. – Every time i eat baghlava i remember you and how much you like it ;)
    – I think eating is the main motivator of travel (don’t say i’m gourmand :D ) so if Burmese food is not a thing that you like i should bring my own foods if i want travel there but judging by the pictures i think it worth to starve a few days.
    – Wow, 3000 steps, 30 degrees, 5:30 am, are you still alive? Is it the reason that your travel to Burma takes long time?
    – 30 degrees in winter, what do they do in summer? They should make a Gondola lift for Shirazi tourists.

    Have a good time in Thailand my friends.

    1. Soroush thank you for the comment. Hehe…yes, baklava is one of my favorite things in the world :) Burmese food is not terribly bad, and I think just for a change you can try different dishes, some are very good. We had some home made noodles and they were super delicious …Alexey asked for 2 portions :))
      Gondola lift I believe will be coming soon considering the number of tourists is overwhelming :) But there was something special about all this effort and reaching peace in the end :)
      Thank you and I hope you are enjoying winter time in Iran :)

      p.s. I miss iranian rice soooo much :)

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