Thursday, October 17th 2019

Picture gallery – Iranian food

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Rice :

Rice & Kebab :

Rice & meatballs (Shiraz dish – Kalam Polow):

Mirza Qasemi (mashed eggplant & spices & egg):

Kashk-e-bademjan (mashed eggplant & zucchini & curd & fried onion):

Ghormeh Sabzi (beef & beans & spices – served with rice):

Dizi (lamb & potato & chick peas – you mash everything yourself and eat the soup separately; served with flat bread) :



Street food (Pirozhki):


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6 Comments on “Picture gallery – Iranian food”

  1. […] already forgot the names, as they are not easy to pronounce. The one on the right tastes a bit like Dizi from Iran or mutton soup from […]

  2. I adore your work , for real

    1. Thank you!

  3. was iranian dish delicious?

    1. Yes, it was very good ;-)

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