Wednesday, November 13th 2019

Isfahan, the young city of Iran.

Most of our travel experiences are mainly related to the people we meet, and less to the places themselves.

And so it happened that our dear sweet host in Isfahan, was a young girl of 20 years old. With this on our side, we had the opportunity to see the city through her eyes. We met her friends, and also other couchsurfers. Hence our impression, Isfahan is a young city.

All right, it is also true, that Isfahan is the place where many young people come to fulfill their studies, therefore when walking in the city you will see many young students,  hanging out, walking, having drinks, laughing  and chatting. This usually happens in the evenings when everybody gathers around the most famous bridge of Isfahan, Kaju bridge.

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It is indeed a lovely walk at night time, and you will get to see the young generation of Iran interacting with each other. As our host told us, it is usually the place where boys and girls can meet, as no other opportunities are usually legal.

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The view from the bridge would probably be even better, IF there would have been water in the river, but with so much sadness, I confirm that the river has dried out….The swans-paddle boats are waiting for visitors, but they seem to be sad, as nobody has been renting them for few years.

Isfahan, Iran.

The sad swans

Unfortunately  (or fortunately :))  we did not have very good weather, at least not good for taking great pictures and share them with you. During our stay, and you would not believe it, it has RAINED. Yes, rain !!!! I was so happy, that I really didn’t care about great pictures. I didn’t see or feel rain, at that time for about 2 months :). I enjoyed every drop…

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Before arriving to Isfahan, our friend from Shiraz has recommended that we should try a special Iranian morning dish, and that would be : sheep head.  You can read more about this experience here.

Isfahan,is for Iranians, the most beautiful city, and I agree. It is indeed a city that bursts with young vibes and positive energy. It has big boulevards, and green parks. Which, is a rarity in Iran. As a couple we met said, it has a European flavor.

Isfahan, Iran.

Isfahan, Iran.

The best part of our visit to Isfahan, are the great memories of illegal drives through the city with our lovely host, who at the time of driving didn’t really have a driving license :) But, she took us home with still full body parts uninjured. Her story is amazing too. At 20 years old, she was going through a divorce, as her prearranged marriage didn’t really work out. I couldn’t really imagine, what it means at such a confusing age, to understand the secrets of successful marriages, to play a grown up and take decisions as such. A divorce. But, it seemed that it was all going to be all the end :)

Isfahan, Iran.

Isfahan, Iran.

Isfahan, Iran.

Isfahan, Iran.

Isfahan, Iran.

We really enjoyed our stay in Isfahan, and simply just walking the streets, the bridges, the parks, the great Imam square is enough. Get lost in the impressive old bazar and sip some good coffee while watching the people of Isfahan, having picnics in the parks. That’s what we did.

Welcome to Isfahan!



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  1. I have been to isfahan twice , you have great deal of information about it

    1. Thank you dear reader, I am glad you think so, we did our best, but we mostly just enjoyed the atmosphere :)

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