Monday, December 9th 2019

Airport security – bullshit or reality?

If you travel by plane, I am sure you are very familiar with all the security procedures – no water or liquids in more than 100ml vessels, your laptop must be out of your bag in a tray, take off your belt, shoes, etc.

But long time ago I noticed that in many places the security precautions are not taken that seriously. Repeatedly i was going through security with bottles of water containing more than 100ml.

When I was flying from Prague to Kiev at the beginning of our trip I forgot to put my Swiss knife into the bag I planned to check in. Of course, a security guy stopped me and asked to open my bag. I totally forgot about the knife and when he asked me if I have a knife it dawned on me that it was actually in the carry-on luggage. I was quite upset to lose the knife. But for some reason (probably seeing my very upset face) the guy just put the knife back into my bag and waved me to go…..I was a bit surprised. Then a bit later I was quite shocked. I was let to pass through a security check with a knife. Of course, it is not very big, but still it is a knife. What if I decide to take pilots into hostage and demand flying to Antarctica????

swiss knife

My knife

Several weeks later when we were in Odessa I talked to a guy who works on an international cargo ship. He told us that we went through security training and that all the airport and similar security procedures do not really protect anybody. If real terrorists want to hijack a plane they will do it despite the existing security checks.

That is exactly what I thought for quite long time already. Pilots cabins are usually sealed and locked, and if terrorists bring in knives or even guns it will not be that easy to take pilots into hostage. I am not even talking about 9/11 Hollywood performance.

I just got more convinced after flying Isfahan – Dubai – Bahrain – Bangkok. Me and my bag containing the knife went through at least 4 security checks in airports: 1) Isfahan, 2) Several checks in Dubai & 3) Bahrain. I was dead sure I was going to lose my knife.

Well, I still have it. The picture above was taken in Bangkok. I was surprised but my knife is still with me. And I am sure that you can clearly see the blade of it (even if it is folded) on the  security monitors.


Then why they all let me go through?

Are all the airport checks and security procedures just bullshit for ordinary people?

What do you think?


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2 Comments on “Airport security – bullshit or reality?”

  1. not everyone really cares about the security. English security is worse then the Czech one for example. In Munich I even had to take a photo with the DSLR and show it to the security guard! Ive been thinking about this and the easiest way to carry on a weapon through security would be to have a sharp plastic piece, a few millimeters thick.
    Same effect as a knife

    1. That is the problem, that security procedures are just for a show. If that really mattered I would never have got through with a knife. People would be fired for such case, etc. But I guess this happens way more often than we think,

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