Sunday, September 22nd 2019

Photo gallery of Yazd

We have way too many pictures from Yazd and decided to post in a separate gallery as an addition to the story about Yazd.

Let us know what you like most.

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6 Comments on “Photo gallery of Yazd”

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  2. Hi Alex,
    Some of photos are without you know about the huge structure made of lattice-shaped wood?

    1. Hi Masoud, I know that this structure is used during religious ceremonies and is carried by people, but I dont know its name and exact purpose. Can you tell us?

      1. Yes,that’s true.
        Name of the structure is Nakhl that represents the coffin of Imam Hussein,usually use as a symbol.people gather round that, praying for several minutes, before picking the entire nakhl up and running with it around the square.this is one of the religious custom of yazd people.this mourning ceremony will be held by the muslim( with shia Gilder) soon,at 24 & 25 November in yazd.
        Did you change a bit them of blog?where are you now?

        1. Hi Masoud,
          Thank you for the info. Yes, we have changed the blog’s look a bit.
          Currently in Myanmar/Burma. No much internet, so not really posting anything. But will post soon.

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