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Yazd – magical city in the desert

We left for Yazd on Monday morning with the “express train”, at 6 am. I have to admit, we were a bit sad to leave Tehran, as every time you leave a place, an empty space grows into your heart. Knowing that …you might never return. We stayed indeed just for few days, but when your life is reduced to constant moving, staying somewhere for few’s already like having a new home, a new family. And we grew fond of our new Tehran family. But such is life, and if we’ve learnt something during this trip, is to say good bye.

Train to Yazd. in Tehran, Iran

Train to Yazd. in Tehran, Iran

We arrived to Yazd. Unfortunately during the train ride we slept, so we cannnot say how was the scenery. But the firs impressions of Yazd, were really a big WOW!!! We are in the middle of the desert! It felt like in a film, the houses, streets, towers…..

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Sunset in Yazd

Sunset in Yazd

Yazd is a magical city with special atmosphere and we have enjoyed every single moment, we have even stayed longer than planned, since we really enjoyed walking through the small lanes of the old town. It feels like a step back in the times of beduins and silk road travelers. This is probably where they were stopping , looking for shelter and food…my thoughts were. Since we are travelers as well, we kind of had the sames goals as them, stopping in this city…we looked for a place to sleep and food.

There are more tourists in Yazd, or at least you see them more since the city is small. Impossible not to bump into your neighbors from the guest house. But still big enough to get lost in the labyrinth of streets. I personally enjoyed a lot walking through the bazaar streets, as it was a special day when the nomads came to town for a religious ceremony. The nomad women hide under mysterious masks, and resemble the masks from the Venice carnival.

Most nomad women will not let you take pictures of them. This lady just smiled when we asked her, and agreed.

nomad woman Yazd

Nomad woman

We bought a map of Yazd and planned to visit the sights listed on it. But we ended up just walking around without the map using our intuition. I cannot really name any sights except of the bazaar or some mosques.

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Besides the main sights of Yazd & around (we did not visited) we liked most of all:

1. The streets of Yazd old city

You can just walk around the old city for hours. We did that early in the morning, noon time, in the evening and in the dead of the night.

Bazar street

Bazar street

streets of Yazd 3

Streets of Yazd

Streets of Yazd

Streets of Yazd

streets of Yazd

Streets of Yazd

Streets of Yazd 02

Streets of Yazd


2. Water cisterns and wind catchers

You see them everywhere around the old city and other areas of Yazd as well. They are a unique feature of Yazd. You will see these wind catching towers in other desert cities but in Yazd they are concentrated.

Water cistern with windcatchers

Water cistern with wind catchers

A house with windcatchers in Yazd

A house with wind catchers in Yazd


A house with wind catchers

Water cistern Yazd

Water cistern with wind catchers

That is us watching sunset from top of a water cistern ;-)

sunset watching in Yazd

We are stitting on a water cistern watching sunset


3. Mosques

Yazd has a number of beautiful mosques and mausoleums.

Jame-e Kabir Mosque, Roknedin Mausoleum, Yazd.

Jame-e Kabir Mosque (left) and Roknedin Mausoleum (right), Yazd

morning in a mosque Yazd

Morning in Jame-e Kabir Mosque

Morning in a mosque

Morning in a mosque

Minarets of Jame-e Kabir Mosque

Minarets of Jame-e Kabir Mosque


While walking around the old city of Yazd you will see stair wells going deep down into darkness. Those lead to deep underground water reservoirs which stored water for the city.

underground water reservoir


We did not go to visit any castle or village in the desert where most of visitors go. We spent 3 days in Yazd enjoying lazy walks around old city, spending time in the hotel and talking to other travelers.

We have taken many pictures in Yazd, and we very much would like to share them with you. A picture gallery of Yazd.

To conclude about Yazd…don’t miss it if you come to Iran. It represents a lot the culture and traditions of the country. The people of Yazd, are really kind and famous for their hospitality throughout Iran.


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    1. Thank you for the tip, we will keep in touch with you,and next time we come to Iran we will visit it :)

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