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Golestan palace in Tehran

There are not many sights in Tehran and the Golestan palace stands out as besides being the most beautiful the palace is the oldest historical monument in the capital of Iran. The Golestan Palace (The Rose Garden Palace) belongs to a group of royal buildings that were once enclosed within the mud-thatched walls of Tehran’s Historic Arg (citadel).

In its present state, Golestan Palace is the result of roughly 400 years construction and renovations. The buildings at the contemporary location each have a unique history.

golestan palace tehran 01

Golestan Palace Complex consists of 17 palaces, museums, and Halls. Almost all of this complex was built during 200 years of Qajar kings ruling. These palaces were used for many different occasions such as coronation and other important celebrations. When we were there only 9 of them were open for visits.

You can buy tickets to all the halls when you enter, and it will cost 50 000 Rials, 5 000 for entering the complex and 5 000 Rials per each hall/museum. Somehow we ended up with 2 unused tickets per person after visiting all the halls. We managed to return them though the guys were not very happy.

golestan palace tehran 02

In some of the halls you cannot take pictures, and I had to hide while doing this. Small camera has its advantages in such situations. The halls where taking photos is prohibited are the most impressive, and if you are on a tight budget I would recommend you to visit only them.

If I were going to visit the Golestan palace next time I would pay only for:

1. Iranian painting gallery (Neghar Khaneh)

Here you can see some interesting paintings of Iranian masters.
golestan palace tehran 03

2. Royal museum or Museum of Gifts (Muse Machsus)

The collections shows very interesting objects which were given as gifts to royal figures and governmental officials. One of the highlight of the collection are the writing sets made of various materials. Unfortunately I was not able to take more pictures due to constant presence of security guards.

golestan palace tehran 04

3. The Brilliant Hall (Talar Belerian)

Talar-e Berelian (Hall of Brilliance) was named so for it is adomed by the brilliant mirror work of Iranian artisans. The Hall was build by Nasser-ol-Din Shah build to replace another hall called Talar Bolour (Crystal Hall). Built by Fath Ali Shah the Bolour Hall had been laid waste by the damp. The Berelian Hall is famous for its mirror work and chandeliers.

golestan palaces tehran 05

golestan palaces tehran 16

Besides the lushly decorated by mirrors halls it houses a collection of porcelain and tableware.

golestan palaces tehran 06

golestan palaces tehran 07

golestan palaces tehran 08

One of the most interesting feature of the Golestan palace complex is exterior tile decorations. Besides the main royal building one of the most interesting structures is Shams-ol-Emareh (Edifice of the Sun).

4. Edifice of the Sun (Shams-ol-Emareh)

The idea of building a tall structure came to Nasser-ol-Din Shah before his first European and from pictorial images of European buildings. The Monarch wanted a structure from which he could have panoramic views of the city.

golestan palaces tehran 09

golestan palaces tehran 10

golestan palaces tehran 11The building has two identical towers. The exterior views have multiple arches, intricate tile work and ornate windows. This building is a fusion of Persian and European architecture.

golestan palaces tehran 12

golestan palaces tehran 13

There are other halls and building we have visited but in my opinion the ones mentioned above (open to visitor at the moment of visit) are the most interesting and worth visiting.

golestan palaces tehran 14

The inside walls of the complex have many tile and mosaic murals and quite interesting to see.

golestan palaces tehran 15

I did not really like the rest of the halls as they either have a very small collection of not very interesting objects or do not impress after visiting the main halls.


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