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Illegal reportage from Shah Cheragh mosque

If you visit Shiraz one of the places you will be recommended to visit is famous and holy mosque of Shah Cheragh. It is famous for its beauty as well as for its importance for Muslim people. There are several tombs of holy people who were buried here. So Shah Cheragh is a pilgrimage destination for many people in and outside of Iran.

Shah Cheragh 01

Because Shah Cheragh is so important and so religious it is prohibited to take pictures there. On our first attempt I decided not to enter as it was too crowded, and I could not take pictures, so I passed on that. Mara entered. She was accompanied by an employee. Mara also had to cover herself completely with a special “full-body cover” like on the picture below.

Shah Cheragh 10

After her visit Mara told me that it is very impressive and that I should visit. But the place is full of people who come here to pray and talk to the god. Shah Cheragh is a complex of mosques and a religious center. Next day I came here alone, put my camera into a deposit room and went inside. You cannot take your camera, but you can take your phone. So despite the prohibition for taking pictures other people take pictures on their phone. I did the same. Although it is prohibited nobody said anything to me.

Shah Cheragh 14

Shah Cheragh is a very beautiful place. The outside decoration is in traditional colors with dominant blue. This is probably one of the most beautiful complexes (besides Nasir al Mulk mosque) I have seen in Iran.

Shah Cheragh 11

The holy tombs are placed in several places, and you can see many pilgrims who came here probably from the most distant places to talk to the God.

Shah Cheragh 12

Shah Cheragh 13

Interior is plentifully decorated with mirrors and all the inside shines and sparkles. It looks quite impressive. But frankly speaking I don’t really like this kind of decoration. I prefer more traditional Islamic murals with traditional Islamic patterns like in Turkish mosques.

Shah Cheragh 09

Shah Cheragh 04

Shah Cheragh 07

But I really liked some parts of wall decoration and doors. They are truly the masterpieces of art and well worth seeing.

Shah Cheragh 03

Shah Cheragh 06

If you are ever in Shiraz you will most probably go to Shah Cheragh complex and will have a chance to see with your own eyes its beauty. For now the pictures above will give you an idea of the place.

Have you been to Shah Cheragh? Have you liked it?

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8 Comments on “Illegal reportage from Shah Cheragh mosque”

  1. Thanks Alex for the report,
    Shah Cheragh is the tomb of Imam Reza’s brother, so i think next time you should make a report of tomb of Imam Reza (peace upon him) in Mashhad, It’s really impressive.
    About Turkish Mosques i should say they are really nice but the decoration of outside is made with small peaces of ceramics (about 2cm * 2cm), i think it took about 27 years to make whole outside decoration and inside is full of 2cm*2cm or less peace of mirror. Also in the inside you can see doors that made with gold and silver.
    Looking forward for your upcoming reports

    1. Thank you for the input, Soroush.
      If I come again, i will definitely visit Mashhad and other places, we missed this time.

      1. And also never forget Shiraz next time, and for sure the first and only Geopark of middle east, Qeshm Island, the great :-)
        We’re gonna be there this week ;-)

  2. […] Shah Cheragh and Nasir al Mulk mosques in Shiraz […]

  3. In fact, taking pictures is not prohibiting here. Just entering camera. I had the same experience when visiting Mashhad in 2007. Imam Reza shrine is one or two level upper than Shah-e Cheragh. Really gorgeous.

    At that time, I was able to enter Shah-e Cheragh with my camera and to take beautiful pictures there. No more the case in 2010.

    Possible explonation: in 2008, Shah-e Cheragh suffered from an accidental explosion. Imam Reza shrine too suffered an explosion (but a terrorist one) in 1994. Therefore, any big object is prohibited, including camera, but not mobile phone. And you must face body search before entering.

    By the way, I understood that non muslim people are not supposed to enter these very revered sites. Because you need to be “pure”, which requires to say appropriate religious formulas that non muslim like me don’t know.

    I would suggest visiting Sheikh Safi-od-Din shrine in Ardabil, a UNESCO world heritage. No security concerns in 2011.

    1. Yes, maybe it is not prohibited as I saw other people taking pictures on their phones. Probably it is just a security issues, not really prohibition to take pictures.
      Regarding not entering holy places, nobody told me I should not enter. I believe I would have been told if there were some restrictions.
      We passed Ardabil, but did not visit it. Maybe next time we will visit the shrine. Thank you for the recommendation.

  4. well , if you visit Ardebil , make sure that places are open and working , which even as an Iranian , I was mixed up and did not !
    and I have been to Qeshm Island , we visited there in 1 days while we had rented a car , for you I suggest 2-3 days , while not missing the dolphins in Hengam Island on spring ( although in spring many touristical places are crowded in Iran )

    1. Some people told us about very interesting places in Ardabil, bu we were already far from there. Will definitely visit on our next visit.

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