Monday, December 9th 2019

Funny English signs in Iran

Many countries contribute to the diversity of English language. You can come across funny signs or inscriptions in probably every non-English speaking country. I have already posted our collection of funny signs from China. This time signs we have come across during our 3 weeks in Iran.

Please visit THE – very famous historical monument of Shiraz:

Funny English signs Iran 01

Sign at Vakil mosque in Shiraz

After the mosque you can visit the Sout Vakil Bazar nearby:

Funny English signs Iran 0

South Vakil Bazar

There are a lot of shops with unique products around the bazar:

Funny English signs Iran 02

Shop close to Vakil Bazar

Funny English signs Iran 03

A shop close to Vakil Bazar in Shiraz

Besides you can visit Amir Khan castle with a very serious establishment:

Funny English signs Iran 04

A sign in Amir Khan castle in Shiraz

In persepolis you have a chance to buy cafee at a shop or drink coffee at cafee:

Sign in Persepolis

Cafe of Coffee Shop

After the cafee make time to visit the garden which is served for visits not far from the historical site of Persepolis:

Sign close to Persepolis

The Garden is served :-))

Before leaving Shiraz make sure you have bought a pair of good shoos:

Sign at Shiraz bus station

One shoo, two shoos

While in Isfahan please visit the sights within the opening hours:

Sign in Isfahan

Sign in Isfahan

Isfahan is a great place to taste some ancient authentic Iranian dishes: Stone Bortl and Kebab made of ground Maet.

Menu in a restaurant in Isfahan

Interesting dishes they have

Or: Shish kebap miked wiked with. But the favorites of all times is the Metalled Hen!

Menu in a restaurant in Isfahan

Fancy some metalled hen? Or maybe rooster?

What would be your favorite dish in Isfahan? Maybe barbrry or browned layer of rice?

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8 Comments on “Funny English signs in Iran”

  1. My favourite is still from the menu in Gjirokaster, Albania

    1. Hahahaha, that is a great one! I am always surprised how restaurants cannot find a native speaker to check their menus in exchange for a dinner or two. Especially in places like Prague – no English native speakers at all. ;-)

  2. Haha! So nice, thanks! And the Albanian “sour scream” reminds me so much of the “screamed eggs” that I saw on a breakfast menu in Beijing. Scrambled? And there were also tomatoes “in live oil”. What a difference a missing “o” can make!

    1. Yeah, sometimes just a letter makes a huge difference. I remember menus in Prague have quite a lot of funny “dishes” ;-))) Will make a collection once we are back to Prague.

  3. It was pretty funny :-)

    1. Yeah, I like this kind of signs in various countries.

  4. You know , it is hard to explain and describe a native name for a food in English , for example spageti is an international word , but not kabab koobideh !

    1. Yes, i understand. I am not mocking. In many countries there are such funny signs in English, e.g. China or Japan.

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