Wednesday, November 20th 2019

TPR Photo Quiz – 15 October

Please tell us what this construction is and you will get a nice postcard from Shiraz, Iran.

Travel Photo Report,TPR Photo Quiz


Travel Photo Report Quiz is a series of posts with photo questions about countries, cities, places of interest, food, etc.  A Winner gets a postcard.


1. A photo question is posted on Monday.

2. Deadline for answers – following Friday. Answer should be posted as a reply to this post on the blog.

3. A correct answer and a name of a winner (if any) are posted a following Saturday-Sunday latest (if correct answer is not given before).

4. A person who gives the first correct answer to a post, gets a postcard from a country or place where we are at that moment.

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18 Comments on “TPR Photo Quiz – 15 October”

  1. The structure reminds me two types of things. One a mosque, but that woman there shows it’s imposible since it gets too small. Second, it seems like a big oven with the . Surely, I go for second; Oven :)

    1. Good shot, but unfortunately it is not. It is a water cistern.

  2. courrier pigeons’ house?:)

    1. Thank you, Olesya, but is it a water cistern.

  3. It is a windcatcher :)

    1. Thank you, Ruben, but not this time ;-)

  4. A hammam.. A bath… :D

    1. Sorry, Clabbe, it is a water cistern.

  5. Ja dumaju – banja :)

    1. Привет, Анна. Спасибо за ответ. Это хранилище для воды.

  6. Cooling towers or maybe a system for made cold water with some wind catchers in depth of ground in old times/

    1. Thank you, Masoud, it is very close, correct answer is a water cistern. Send us your postal address by email and we will send you a postcard.

  7. It´s a water reservoir. Love Iran…

    1. Congratulations, Hana! You are the Winner! Please send us your postal address, and you will get the postcard!

  8. a grain silo.

    1. Thank you, Vitek, but no. See answer above.

  9. Find some nice couchsurfers, who give you fresh homemade Shiraz – in Shiraz :)
    We had it absolute fresh filtered and it was amazing.
    I know the answer of course, but will leave soon, so no postcard will reach me :P

    Cheers Tobi

    1. Thank you, Tobi. We will try to get some wine. I am sure you know the answer ;-) Send us you postal address, we will send a postcard from Isfahan ;-)

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