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Iran: Women only

There are many myths & lies about Iran you can come across in the Western media. One of them is the harsh suppression of women. Segregation of women on transport may look like of one of the forms of this suppression.

When I was going to Iran I thought that women are required to travel separately on public transport. I was expecting that we will have to sit separately. But when we took our first bus I was a bit surprised to see that couples were sitting together. In Tabriz we took a bus ride separately: me in male part, Mara in female. In Tehran you see more signs “Women Only” everywhere on the public transport. This doesn’t mean that women can’t travel with their husband/father/brother on the other cars, primarily designated for males but can be also mixed.

Iran women only 03

In the metro, several cars are dedicated to “Women only” at the head and tail of each train. This is meant to be a privilege, not suppression at all. We got to understand this while travelling during rush hours, as we got to experience the ” you gotta fight…for your ride” battle. The are are people trying to get in and people and trying to get out of the metro cars, at the same time…ironically. And with this…the battle starts…who pushes harder. However this mostly happens, on the cars which are male/mixed. Once you are in..probably you will be sticking your face to some other male’s chest or back or nose…or whatever. It is not the most pleasant thing…so my advice for Mara was : next time…go to the “women only” !

Tehran Metro

Iran women only 05

So the central part of the platform is occupied by men and also couples (women and men), and at both ends of it will be only women. Very often the male/mixed cars are extremely packed and during these times, men will invade the “women only” sections. We kind of took advantage of our “tourist” status, therefore I was accompanying Mara in the “women only” cars… we can’t travel separately, can we ? :)

Iran women only 02

Iran women only 01

These are the doors that separate the “women only” and “male/mixed” cars.

Iran women only 04

Generally, riding the metro in Tehran is good quality and definitely the fastest way of transferring from one side of the city to another. To point out, women are being protected and privileged from the whole craziness of Tehran rush hour as well as some sexually deprived individuals.

More to come on this topic in our next posts.

Until then…Greetings from Tehran !

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14 Comments on “Iran: Women only”

  1. Oh so they have the same metro system at rush hours like they have in Kiev? :)

    1. Almost, just in Kiev women have no escape from smelly men ;-)

  2. Same in Malaysia now in the KTM trains. The middle car is the “ladies’ coach”:

    The reason for this implementation?

    1. Statistics showed that 60% of KTM Komuter passengers were women;
    2. Provide more comfort and security to women; and
    3. Protect them from sexual harassment, jostling with male passengers, groping and catcalling.

    Named Ladies Only At All Times, the coach is located in the middle among the three coaches of every commuter train. The coaches at the front and back are for all sexes.

    1. I totally understand them. Mara was using the advantage of women’s cars during rush hours, and I had to be with other men ;-)

  3. If u would do the same in Prague, then everybody would be in the females vagoon :)

    1. Hahah, here they have people who don’t let men enter cars for women.

  4. Very true about both Iran and Malaysia ! I have experienced both and never had any question about this segregation ,seeing the crowd !

    Thanks for the share.


    1. Yes, Samira, and I totally agree to this. I just disagree with sexual deprivation of young men and women (by religions), who cannot have sex before marriage. It traumatizes them, and breeds perverts. Would be better if religions of the world reconsider this.

  5. wow, interesting article.

    1. Thank you, Bert.

  6. Same organisation for the New Delhi subway.

    But Iran and Northern India have much more things in common. Lot of words in Hindi derived from persian, like the figures:
    ek / yek, do / do, teen / se, chahar / chahar, panj / panj… and some numbers sau / sad for 100, hazar / hezar for 1000.

    But the iranian cheese (paneer) is largely better than the indian cheese (paneer also, but no comparison, at least for a French tatste ;-)


    1. Thank you, Fabrice. I did not know that Hindi is similar. Regarding cheese, yes I understand the French taste. We are in South East Asia, and cheese is one of the things we really miss here.

  7. thanks for your honesty , it means a lot

    1. Thank you for your comment, I am happy you appreciate our honesty :)

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