Tuesday, November 12th 2019

Anti-American/Anti-Israel protests in Rasht, Iran

 Down with Israel! Down with USA!

Today after breakfast we heard noise coming from the main street. Our hotel is very close to the main square on Imam Khomeini st. It sounded like protesting crowds. We got a bit used to protests organized in the Eastern Turkey by Kurdish people. But here must be something different.

Anti-American Protest in Rasht Iran 03

Of course, Anti-American protests. We went out and straight away saw crowds of people on the main square. A man was shouting something in a microphone and the crowd was chanting in response waving their fists.

Anti-American Protest in Rasht Iran 01

We moved to the square and I started noticing Anti-American & Anti-Israel posters in English here and there. People were waving posters and shouting something in Farsi. Probably: Down with USA! Down with Israel. The posters were neatly printed in a printed house, not written or drawn by hand.

Anti-American Protest in Rasht Iran 02Although at first it looked like a proper protest I noticed many teenagers and even kids in the crowd. By the way they were holding their posters it was easy to understand that they either don’t understand what this is all about, or just don’t care.

Anti-American Protest in Rasht Iran 04

The majority of the crowd consisted of women, school age teenagers and kids.

Anti-American Protest in Rasht Iran 05Walking between protesting people I could’t stop thinking about 1 of May demonstrations from the Soviet times when all the people were ordered to participate, and one did not dare not to. I guess being a teenager you want to have fun in life and not being charged with anti-Iranian activities (meaning not going to Anti-American rally).

Anti-American Protest in Rasht Iran 06

Anti-American Protest in Rasht Iran 07

Anti-American Protest in Rasht Iran 08

The school kids were most probably ordered to come to the square. Their faces don’t show any hatred or rage. Most of them are probably just happy to skip classes.

Anti-American Protest in Rasht Iran 9

Anti-American Protest in Rasht Iran 10

Anti-American Protest in Rasht Iran 11

Anti-American Protest in Rasht Iran 12

The central TV channel will report about Anti-American protests in city of Rasht. Later we watched similar prostests broadcasted on TV.

Anti-American Protest in Rasht Iran 13

Today is probably a specially dedicated-to-Anti-American-protests day when local municipalities organize these protests all over the country, and their participants are happy to skip classes or work, and TV channels happily broadcast mass outrage towards Americans and Israelis.

No burning flags or Obama mascots. The protests grew boring and we left the scene. Several hours later the square was empty and loudspeakers were being peacefully dismantled.

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Have you ever been in the middle of protests in a Middle Eastern country? Please share your experience with us.

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  1. The rial has plummeted to record lows against the US dollar in recent days. According to reports it has fallen as much as 18% in a single day.

    You better not to exchange bigger amounts and negotiate to pay the accomodation for official price in rial, while exchanging on black market. That can save a lot of cash.

    1. Thank you for the info, Vitek. We already know that the situation and will be careful. We pay everything in Rials.

  2. interestig photos. please keep posting them. seems like it is a completely staged protest meeting…

    1. Yes, it definitely looked like that.

  3. Great journalist work!

    1. Thank you, Petr. Working hard ;-)

  4. you are exactly right. they ordered to come

    1. Yes, Amin. That was clearly seen. I think that most people in Iran don’t hate Americans, and don’t want a war. I disapprove American policies though.

  5. dont miss Rood Khan castle in Fooman city near Rasht

    1. Unfortunately we already missed it.

  6. “””gazeteci gibisiniz bravooo

    1. çok teşekkür ederim, Ayfer!

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