Tuesday, December 10th 2019

Filtered Internet in Iran, no access to Facebook

As you may know the Internet access in Iran is very limited and filtered. Locals say that over 80% of web-site are inaccessible. They include Yotube, Facebook and many others.

Due to this we will not be able to update our Travel Photo Report Facebook page regularly while travelling through Iran, till the end of the month.

Facebook on Travel Photo Report

Hopefully we will be able to access Facebook occasionally to share some pictures.

Otherwise please keep in contact with us via comments on the blog. Looking forward to your messages.

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7 Comments on “Filtered Internet in Iran, no access to Facebook”

    1. Yes, the reason is that people are using VPN access to go around filters. So many young Iranians are on Facebook and other prohibited sites. I guess the government knows about it and decided to block everything at all. If they do this, it will be a sad situation. You should see the officially allowed TV channels. I feel like I am in the Soviet Union dubbed in Farsi.

      1. AHAHAH. well enjoy your stay there :)

        1. Thank you, Ruben. i am doing my best.

  1. Its just not that.
    If they have their own intranet then US “viruses” can not be planted as easy either..

    1. I know that is quite expensive and painfull but this is exacly how biological organisms work. The more you are protected, actually the more vulnerable you are, because at one point, you don’t gain knowlegde of what is out there, nor how to fight/prevented and when it comes to IT systems it is all about knowledge.sure in the short term it pays, but in the long run, it is actually devastating, because the more a country is isolated the more it is vulnerable to an “Outside Context Problem” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Excession#Outside_Context_Problem

      1. I don’t know the technical details, but from my point of view isolation is not a solution. Look at the example of the Soviet Union. It was isolated and now it is not anymore. Another example is China, but they are kinda semi-isolated. I think they isolate certain levels of their society.

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