Thursday, October 17th 2019

To Iran or not to Iran…

This is the question…

I have been debating for last couple of weeks if I should follow my beloved one, and go travelling to Iran. It has been a hot topic in my thoughts but I guess also for some powerful people around the world, who probably have a bit more interest in there rather than just a simple touristic visit. The reason for me questioning my visit is the above mentioned discussions…more on the media than in reality (as I suspect). But it still gives me a reason to stop, and think about if I am willing to take a risk, if any risk exists.
I have been trying to discuss this with my friends, with the people I meet and with my family. Obviously, most of the people do believe in the power of media, in the power of rumors, gossips and fake images. And this makes me a bit sad. I have been trying to have a fair discussion with capable people, and to explain that my fears are not related to the country itself, to the people of Iran but only to the threats that are coming from other nations and powerful states towards Iran. My fears are: I don’t want to be in the middle of a war, if this is supposed to start while I am peacefully sightseeing. But it seems that majority of the people I have been discussing this issue with, are more afraid of the people of Iran..who apparently are known as dangerous (?!) ( I don’t want to use the “t” word ).

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And now I wonder…is it true? Can you fear an entire nation based on some exceptions? Is this fair? It is like saying that you are afraid to visit Germany, because they will kidnap you and send you to Auschwitz. Isn’t it ridiculous? Oh, wait…now everybody will say that it is not the same thing, because Germany has changed and now is free and welcoming everybody. But Iran is a big NO NO NO…because women are stoned there and I will need to dress up as per their dress code. True, there are restrictions that for the westerners they seem absolutely illogical and undemocratic. Most probably they are, but is this the only country where restrictions exist? I am pretty sure I cam research and find some really idiotic traditions, restrictions and rules in about every country on the planet. Don’t challenge me:)

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My point is, that I have decided to go. Simply because I dislike injustice. Simply because it is unfair towards the people of this nation to have such a fame. And simply because I want to prove everybody wrong. I will dress up, I will wear a hijab, and join the women of Iran in understanding their culture. The same way I do in every other country I am travelling to.


Ready for Iran

Ready for Iran

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21 Comments on “To Iran or not to Iran…”

  1. You have NAKED feet!!! Makes me horny ;)

    1. Hahaha :) A chicken makes you horny !!!!

  2. You look great ;)

    I would love to join you. I’m sure i also will go back to Iran, it was one of the best trips i did so far.

    1. Thank you Tobi, am looking forward to the trip as well. If you have any tips/advises for us..feel free to share :)

  3. You look sexy in that outfit even! That’s so brave of you to go Iran despite ppl say no no no..waiting for ur adventure!

    1. Nihan, thank you Was not exactly the look was aiming for ..hehe. Yes, am looking forward to see everything with my own eyes and report back to all my dear friend Hugs!

  4. I’m happy that they are some enlightment people in the world who care about other people and want to know, how the other people live.
    Wellcome to your new experince of your life!
    Peace forever!!!

    1. Dear Roya, thank you very much. I am sure will be a life changing experience and am looking forward to it :)

  5. hehehe)) your supercool! ) dont forget to come back from Iran)

    1. Thank you Pavel, hehe…hopefully I will remember I have to leave, if not my visa will surely remind me ;)

  6. You are so gentle and beautiful … but do not try to wear a burcka … because Alex get comfortable! LOL

  7. You are so gentle and beautiful … but do not try to wear a burcka … because Alex get comfortable! LOL

    1. Thank you Manuela, we have just arrived in Iran and all the women are so beautiful that I keep looking at them :) Lovely !

  8. I’m proud to say “I’m Iranian!” No, I am not a terrorist, I don’t live in a tent on a desert. I speak Farsi/Persian, not Arabic!!. Iran is pronounced “EERAUN” and not “I-ran” ( It’s not track & field) News flash: Iran and Iraq are TWO!!different countries, Middle East is a region and NOT a continent, And camels are not our way of transportation. Belly dancers are NOT strippers (no sex in the Champagne room ;) . Belly dancing is an Arabic dance (go figure), it never came from Iran. Each time you play a game of chess to improve your intelligence, keep in mind that it was Persians who gave you your game. Iranian women are just as out spoken (if not more) and liberal as European women, And what the hell is “soccer”?? We also call it FOOTball. Iran is the first country on earth to have a lion (male) and a sun (female) for its symbol; and the colors red, white, and green for a flag, A beautiful country. The best of the Middle East. Allow me to introduce myself: I’M PERSIAN, and my land is IRAN. every person has their own believes and ideas…we should respect them all Peace

    1. Dear Amin, thank you for your comment. We have just arrived in Iran, and I understand your reasons for being proud to be Iranian. Your country is beautiful and it’s people are even more beautiful. I surely agree with you when you say you are not a terrorist, hence my post. I believe and now I can testify that the people of Iran are the kindest people I have ever seen. Yes women are very modern and free, more than I have expected. I will soon write about my first impressions of Iran. Once again thank you for your comment.

  9. thanks for the great post! I’m convinced you’re doing the right thing! I’ve been to a few countries myself that freak my fellow country-men out when I mention them at the sunday coffee table. The more I see the more I join that group of people that challenge the west and their “democratic” ways. The cold war has ended because one “block” had been more open than the other and therefore allowed people to come, see and take a little bit of change back, which resulted in a revolution from the inside. A peaceful one. Unfortunately the mentality that prevails now is that of a short dick cowboy in a fancy car downtown. All the best and I cannot wait to meet the friends you’re making now! I will drag Nastya to Berlin-Neukoelln for a new stylish outfit :p

    1. Thank you Sasha, yeah…reality here is quite different than what we see on the other side of the “western” wall :) Looking forward to see you and Nastya somewhere hope sooner than later :) Greetings to Nastya !

  10. It might be a little late for this post but I should say THANK YOU for not seeing us through some politicians eyes.
    I am sick of baring the suppressions inside the country AS WELL AS outside.cause I always thought at least people who believed they are civilized can make the effort to understand what we are through under dictatorship ruling.

    1. Hi Rahele,
      We never saw Iran through Western-eye media. And we did not listen to some people telling us not to go. Now people are concerned more about possible consequences of Netaynahu’s statements not about people of Iran itself. Many people were extremely nice and welcoming though some were openly rude or nasty (but this happens in many other countries). After travelling around Iran I don’t think it is dangerous though one should stick to common sense safety measures.

  11. thanks for trying to understand that much in such few time

    1. Thank you dear reader, I hope I managed to understand at least a bit from your amazing country. For sure this will not be the last time.

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