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Unusual cemeteries of Georgia

For some people cemeiteries are sad places. For people from a Romanian village Săpânţa the cemetery is a happy place. 

Traditionally in many countries pictures of deceased people are placed on tomb stones. In some – only a face or a bust, in some like in Georgia, for example, full size body image. It is quite an unusual tradition. I have not seen this anywhere else. At least where i have been to. A friend of mine from Azerbaijan told me that it used to be popular there as well during Soviet times. But most probably this trend came from Georgia.

Besides that it used to be a tradition among Mafia in Russia to have full body images on their tombs. It might be connected to the fact that one of the strongest and most influential thieves in law (rulers of the criminal world) in the Soviet Union were from Georgia. They might have started this trend in Georgia where all the population followed the trend, and Russian mafia also picked it up from them. Although I don’t know for sure some of the guys look really gangsta-style.

cemeteries in Georgia 02

Look at the faces above, they definitely were not painters ;-)))

The next one was a hunter and probably asked his relatives to depict him in his full glory.

cemeteries in Georgia 01

Not sure about the other one. He could have been anything – from a doctor, to a communist party manager.

cemeteries in Georgia

But these ones are old school guys.

Some time later brands entered our life and will stay for decades with some of people, even after their death.

cemeteries in Georgia 03

If you are ever in Georgia, you should visit a cemetery. It is quite an interesting experience.

I am very curious to know whether there are any other countries in the world where there is the same tradition. Please let me know if you have seen something similar.

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  1. I decided to do the same for my grave!
    But together with kebab, tantuni and baklava pictures and of course with Czech pivo :) heheheh

    1. Hahahaha, Yalin! That is a good one!

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