Wednesday, November 20th 2019

What have I got myself into…(?!)

It has been 2 months since we have started our 1year trip. Time has passed so quickly and everything becomes a memory so fast that I can barely have time to understand where I am today and where I will be tomorrow. Pictures are piling up, memories and impressions are slowly squeezing into my head, trying to still stay clear and not mix everything like a big salad bowl.

I admit, when I have decided to make this trip…I didn’t really understand what it means and didn’t truly believe that will happen. But then again…like everything else in my life, I have never thought about the gravity and the importance of my life changing events. I usually take things very easy, and only after I understand what have I got myself into.

This wasn’t different. So, after 2 months I start slowly understanding that this is for real. That for 1 year I will no longer have a home, that everything will always be new, and that familiar, common and comfort ..will not be part of my daily life. It is tough. The trip has started as a holiday, and has been a holiday for about 1 month. After that, it became reality. I used to be attached to all the little things around my home, all my morning habits and all the nice little shops on the pretty streets I loved. All that…gone.

Breakfast in Turkey

Cranky morning (no coffee reason) in Trabzon, Turkey.

You don’t really get it before leaving….But now it has hit me. And I am coping with it pretty well so far ( But I admit.. I had couple of moments of “I wanna go back home” , but this usually happens when the times are difficult).

One of my biggest fears when I started this trip, was the test of my relationship. Our relationship. This is the only one thing I could not bear losing it. Again, didn’t really think it through before leaving :) (it’s just so me ) .

You spend 24/7 with your beloved one. You share everything and it is most of the times the ONLY person you will be talking to. All your friends are no longer there, no working colleagues, no classmates, no parents, brothers or anything. It is just you and him/her. If you want to leave for such trip, you’d better know each other well and more important cope with each other. We surely had our arguments, and disagreements…but we NEED to find solutions for all the small little problems. Because they are like ants ..small but bite very annoyingly.

For example : During the day everything was going nice and smooth and no problems arising, sightseeing was nice..all pink and shiny.But when it came to deciding where and what to eat for lunch or dinner…jeezzz, we would shout at each other like maniacs. Crazy, right ? Such stupid little things…and there is actually no real reason for a fight. But you would wonder…

So this needed to end, and a solution was required. It is like a corporation’s slogan : solutions for small problems.

I (the queen of solutions) have come up with a master plan: Each of us will be responsible for one of the day’s meals. Me – lunch, Alexey- dinner. And the one responsible is in charge to find a place to eat, decide where we eat and what. The one who is not responsible, will not complain, suggest or advice on anything. Will simply agree and follow.

Voila…problem solved. This worked pretty well and arguments disappeared. Of course, Alexey called me a “nazi” ,me and my nazi plans and rules :)) But it worked. Therefore we are still together, still fine and in love. Let’s see how the rest goes :)

 Alexey and Mara - Travel Photo Report, Borjomi National Park

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24 Comments on “What have I got myself into…(?!)”

  1. Great job learning the road Mara. I’m proud of your findings. Stay safe and don’t let A to get into trouble!

    1. Spasibo Petya ,learning learning learning…everyday :) A is fine and he keeps rock and rolling :))

  2. Oh yes it is a really problem to choose a place for lunch or dinner for two people with different desires. You have a good plan!

    1. Olga, I am sure you understand well what I am saying :) Thank you ..Missing you and Pavel a lot !

  3. Hey come on! Thats very normal that you fight about the food because thats the most important part of our life and also your daily life there. Take it easy and let it goo! I did interrail for only one month once and even that was enough period to understand that ‘travelling is becoming your life’. And compared to your 1 year duration; waking up every morning in a different home, city, country will be an excellent experince:) Enjoy it!

    1. Thanks Yallin..we surely enjoy it and after so much experience hopefully we will become some very “zen” people :P

  4. I can totally relate to your trip, the only difference is that in my case im traveling solo.
    Wishing you both happy and safe travels, and sanity as well, because sometimes times can get tough ( i ended up sick in a hospital in india for 7 days and that experience was a real test for my sanity. I wanted to take the first plane back home, but was so sick and therefore unable to do so. So i coped with it… And survived :)
    Bianca Brazil

    1. Hey Bianca, are now travelling as well ? Oh, wow…that must have been ..hmm, not the easiest thing, 1 week in an indian hospital ..yes, sometimes I guess life makes us cope with stuff . All the admiration and hope you are ok now :) I can’t even bring myself to think of India :) Will need a bit more travel experience before I get there.Well all the best and good luck to you as well :)

  5. I have no idea of what it is to be on the road for an extended period of time. The longest I tried was 5 weeks. Well, I guess for many people that’s an extended period of time. But really, I suppose I wouldn’t feel happy traveling for a longer period, although I’ve been toying with the idea of taking 3-4 months to cross Latin America.

    As to the relationship, well that’s something I usually pay thought or two, but more focused in different levels. Boy & Girl, unless they are joyfully enjoying the fast life of their early twenties, should know each other well enough to see it coming. It’s when you invite a friend for a trip that I foresee the troubles (or not). Definitely it’s an excellent test, and more than once I suggested to someone with doubts about his/her relationship to go in a trip and see what happens. I guess it’s the pressure, the stress…. it enhances the potential conflicts to a maximum level.

    1. Thank you Ricardo, indeed you are right, after 5-6 weeks I felt that I want to go back I was missing everything a lot…but then something amazing happened. I had patience for this moment to go away, as I assumed might be just a phase…I went for this amazing hike and I reach almost 3000 m…the views were so impressive…that I forgot about everything…my energy and good mood came back. Also ..felt so proud about it, that I was again up and running :))

  6. Nice post. I can’t really think of anyone I’d be able to spend time 24/7 like that except my best friend. Happy travels :)

    1. Thank you Bert, well…Alexey is my best friend :)

  7. Dear Mara,

    I am sure you will cope well with anything that travel challenges will be there!
    Alex, please be gentleman and do not argue to Mara!

    Совет да любовь!


    1. Spasibo Nadiia, don’t worry…Alexey is a gentlemen…well in a very ukrainian way, but that makes him very sweet :)
      I hope I will cope with everything…the support helps a lot :)

    1. haha….it’s not true !! :))

  8. Cultural shock can express itself in many ways. Not only can it occur in a new, unknown surrounding when you move somewhere – but also, as you describe it, in an ever changing existence: from holiday to reality. The nomadic reality.

    And, wow, that’s a very clever (diplomatic?) solution how to remove unnecessary friction from what really is a blessing – your daily bread. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you Rolf. It’s good to hear this from you :) Our daily bread is now peaceful and full of smiles :)

  9. Mara, I love your trip even if I only read about it. And this article of yours indeed gave me a great laugh, as I could imagine your nazi rules and Alex´s very special way of ukrainian gentlemanship (as straight as the stripes on a pinstriped jacked :)) working very well in practice. Take care, guys! Kisses!

  10. Mara, i love your loving nickname ‘nazi’ only i read ‘little nazi’ anyway reading this makes me think about my decisions even more and i have a feeling this 24/7 will hit me eventually too :) lets see how that goes!
    take care both of you xo k.

  11. Smart idea, Mara, splitting tasks might work on more occasions, not just on choosing meals. And you are not a nazi, just a Ceausescu :)))

  12. Stalin called you a Nazi, interesting :D Take care guys and thanks for this nice blog. <3

  13. Hi Mara, year trip..wonderful..but also difficult sometimes, so far away from home habits and will be an unforgettable experience!!!!
    I remember our CS small trips in the Czech Republic last year :-)
    Would be nice to meet you after your trip and enjoy your stories/experiences,
    greetings to Alex
    Wish you all the best,
    hugs and kisses

    1. Hi Elisa and thank you for your comment :) It is nice to hear from you..yes I also have good memories from our trips in CZ and hope that the next summer we will have some more to come:)
      Looking forward to return and share the stories from this trip over a cup of coffee :)

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