Sunday, September 22nd 2019

TPR Photo Quiz – 3 September

Khachapuri is one of the most famous Georgian meals. There are different types of this meal. Where the meal in the picture is from? What is the name of the region where this meal comes from?

Travel Photo Report TPR Photo Quiz

Travel Photo Report Quiz is a series of posts with photo questions about countries, cities, places of interest, food, etc.  A Winner gets a postcard.


1. A photo question is posted each Monday.

2. Deadline for answers – following Friday. Answer should be posted as a reply to this post on the blog.

3. A correct answer and a name of a winner (if any) are posted a following Saturday-Sunday latest (if correct answer is not given before).

4. A person who gives the first correct answer to a post, gets a postcard from a country or place where we are at that moment.


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3 Comments on “TPR Photo Quiz – 3 September”

  1. Ajarian khachapuri, Autonomous Republic of Adjara, Republic of Georgia

    1. Correct one! Congratulations, Ruben. YOu are getting the second postcard within 1 month!

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