Sunday, September 22nd 2019

(Unexpected) Welcome to Georgia in Ukrainian

We were leaving Ayder in Kaskar mountains in hope for some sun, beach and swimming, and because it was rainy, foggy and cold, and because Mara was a bit sick and totally in no condition to hike really-good-Scottish-summer style. No one expected though that we will spend the next night in Georgia.

A minibus winding ride down to the sea side town of Rize. Then hitchhiking East looking for a nice little village with a nice beach and abundant grilled fish. Surprisingly nothing meets our expectations – no much sun on the seaside, no beaches, and no fish…..Considering hitchhiking works perfectly we don’t really spend much time waiting. And drivers take us further than they need to go. In our last attempt to find a paradise on the Turkish Black coast before we go to Georgia we chose Sarp as the final destination. A couchsurfer from Trabzon Otkur told us it is a nice place. He just did not mention it is nice on the Georgian side.

So according to all Turkish traditions of hitchhiking a driver takes us further than his destination to the lovely village of Sarp. We thanked him, looked around to find a border crossing right in front of us and no village, no beach and no grilled fish. After some discussion we decided to cross the border as the beach looked much better on the Georgian side. Well, there was no beach on the Turkish side.   Two queues, 30mins and two stamps later we faced the futuristic building of the Georgia border control.

turkey georgia border crossing

Looking back with uncertainty……maybe we should have spent some more days in Turkey as the plan was to cross the border by the end of August.

turkey georgia border crossing 01

But as they say: the man’s got to do what a man’s got to do! Passport control and I was welcomed in my own, Ukrainian language. Although I knew that Ukraine has warm relationships with Georgia (especially our ex-president with the current president of Georgia) it was bit of a surprise.

Thus unexpectedly started our Georgian adventure. We did not what it will bring but  we were looking forward for good food, gorgeous peaks of Caucasus and wines of Kakheti.


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