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Pottery town of Avanos, Cappadochia

The small town of Avanos in Cappadochia has two main attractions for visitors: 1) Exquisite pottery and 2) Hair museum. You are sure to visit the town for both or either of the attractions if you visit Cappadochia.

Most of all Avanos is famous for its production of earthenware pottery which has existed here historically and is visible today. The ceramic trade in this area and its countless pottery factories date far back into the history.

pottery avanos cappadochia 09

Pottery has been produced in the Avanos area for centuries and some of the techniques still used date back as early as to 2000 BC.

pottery avanos cappadochia 02

Avanos is a mass of family run potteries. These famous potters make wonderful souvenirs from simple ashtrays and mugs to ornate plates and chess sets.

pottery avanos cappadochia 01

Take a walk around the old center and visit some of the shops. If you are looking for gifts to take home you will find a wide choice and variety to choose from.

pottery avanos cappadochia 03

You might be interested to try making pottery yourself. This is possible for additional payment at many of the shops, where you can easily spot a potter’s wheel.

pottery avanos cappadochia 05

The shops look like mini museums or art galleries, so if you don’t buy anything, you can just take a look at various ceramic object. Besides you can make some good pictures.

pottery avanos cappadochia 06

pottery avanos cappadochia 07

You should also visit the second main attraction of Avanos, Chez Galip Hari Museum. It was started many years ago by one of the pottery makers.

pottery avanos cappadochia 08

Besides the town is a popular destination because of its attractive old town with cobbled streets, and views over the river. When you get tired of the shops, you should take a walk around its hilly streets. One of the most interesting features for me were ceramic house numbers.

pottery avanos cappadochia 12

Strangely we saw them only in the streets going up the hill behind the main pottery area. But they make a great distinctive feature of the town.

pottery avanos cappadochia 11

pottery avanos cappadochia 10

pottery avanos cappadochia 14

pottery avanos cappadochia ceramic house number 16

Besides the unique ceramic house numbers our attention was attracted by very picturesque old gates and doors in the streets of Avanos.

pottery avanos cappadochia 13

pottery avanos cappadochia 15

Avanos is a great half-day trip, which can be combined with a visit to Cavusin castle and possibly a hike through the Rose valley. Alternatively you can book a tour with any travel agency or your hotel in Goreme and a minibus will take you to Avanos and back to your hotel with all the pots, plates and vase.

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  1. This is a great photo essay! I love the way you’ve captured the pottery with a variety of different vantage points.

    1. Thank you, Samuel.The pottery is great, but the house numbers remain my favorites.

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