Sunday, September 22nd 2019

TPR Photo Quiz – 13 August

Tell us where this picture was taken and win a postcard from Cappadochia.

travel photo report quiz

Travel Photo Report Quiz is a series of posts with photo questions about countries, cities, places of interest, food, etc.  A Winner gets a postcard.


1. A photo question is posted each Monday.

2. Deadline for answers – following Friday. Answer should be posted as a reply to this post on the blog.

3. A correct answer and a name of a winner (if any) are posted on a following Saturday-Sunday.

4. A person who gives the first correct answer to a post, gets a postcard from a country or place where we are at that moment.


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4 Comments on “TPR Photo Quiz – 13 August”

  1. Avanos Hair Museum, Capaddochia, Turkey

    1. Good shot, Ruben. Congratulations, you are getting the postcard.

  2. I believe that it is hair museum in Avanos, which is in Cappadocia region in Turkey. The name of the Museum is Chez Galip hair museum and I belive it is in Guiness book of records.


    1. Thank you, Lukas. Sorry, but Ruben was faster. Try next Monday.

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