Sunday, September 22nd 2019

Glimpses of Istanbul

Istanbul was, is and will always be the magical cross road between Europe and Asia with its hustle, noisy and thousands of people, as well as calm parks, magnificent mosques, ancient monuments and lively atmosphere of Taksim bars and clubs.

This time we stayed a week and for us it was 2nd visit, and 4ht for me. While we get tired from people, noise and distances, Istanbul is never enough. A week of even two will still be not enough to explore all its hidden corners.

Here are just some glimpses of Istanbul. You can get an idea about the city but to feel it and enjoy its atmosphere you should come here and spend a couple of weeks of months.

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  1. […] Istanbul was a furnace for about a week, with probably over 40*C during the day. We also waited for our friends (Ange and Lukas) to come to Istanbul. Once everyone arrived we were ready to leave. The Initial plan was to go to Akcakoca (Akçakoca), then along the coast till Sinop and Samsun. Then go to Cappadocia, where we would part with out friends after a couple of days. But after a bit of research we realized that the distances are bigger than we thought and we we would need way more time to follow the initial plan. By joint consensus we decided to go straight to Amasra. […]

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