Sunday, September 22nd 2019

TPR Photo Quiz – 30 July

What Turkish dish is depicted on the picture?

TPR Photo Quiz

Travel Photo Report Quiz is a series of posts with photo questions about countries, cities, places of interest, food, etc. Winner gets a postcard from Istanbul.


1. A photo question is posted each Monday.

2. Deadline for answers – following Friday. Answer is posted as a reply to this post.

3. Correct answer is posted on following Saturday-Sunday.

4. A person who gives the first correct answer to a post, gets a postcard from a country or place where we are at that moment.

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5 Comments on “TPR Photo Quiz – 30 July”

  1. svekla :)

  2. A big plum :)

  3. a big plum! :)

  4. This is walnut dessert/jam or yeşil ceviz tatlısı in Turkish. It is cooked of green walnuts by boiling and adding sugar. The walnuts are often served with cream.

    This winner is Nilay Dönmez, though she answered via Facebook message. Nilay will get a postcard from Istanbul as an exception. Congratulations, Nilay. Please send your postal address to

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