Sunday, September 22nd 2019

TPR Travel Tip – Kokorec or have you tried sheep guts?

Are you brave enough to try strange food in different countries while you travel? Have you eaten a snake? bugs or monkey? Do you know what is Kokorec? Maybe you have tried guts in Turkey? If not, we highly recommend you to do that next time you are in Turkey. We have loved this dish last time we visited in 2011, and now eat with great pleasure

Kokorec guts Istanbul Turkey

we are going to eat guts

Kokoreç is a Turkish meal. It is made of lamb intestines. Intestines of suckling lambs (süt kuzusu) are preferred for this dish. It is very delicious. It is not a standard menu item in restaurants though. It can be found in any street but this can be unhealthy. It is very important to wash and clean it in order to be healthy.
Kokoreç is cooked on a horizontal skewer. The intestine parts are stacked together. After it is cooked, it is cut and put in a half or quarter portion of Turkish bread (somun). Tomatoes or spices can be added to it.
very often it is mixed with cut tomatoes, red pepper and oregano are added. It is usually served as a sandwich and goes very well with Ayran.

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