Tuesday, December 10th 2019

Impressions about Ukraine

It is getting closer to the end of our trip in Ukraine, which is the home-country of my beloved Alexey but an entire foreign country for me, that’s why I want to share my impressions as a foreigner and traveler with you. Or just simply share some thoughts.

I haven’t really known much about Ukraine until I met Alexey, and mostly just the general stereotypes such as: vodka, beautiful girls, borsch….

Since I have been now to Ukraine about 3-4 times, and this time I have spent about 3 weeks, I want to believe that I have learnt a bit more :)

1. I have learnt that this country has only one official language (Ukrainian) even thought 50% of the people speak ONLY Russian. It seems a bit unrealistic as for me not to accept Russian as a second official language.

2. The country’s food is really amazing, best pancakes I have had and delicious vareniky. The famous borsch is indeed famous here as well but there are also other soups as good as borsch.

3. If you want to eat in a restaurant, get ready to leave the place still hungry. The portions are very small and will not justify the price you are paying.The places where you can eat well and with reasonable prices are only few and if you don’t know them..sucks ( In Kiev there were only 2 ). I sincerely don’t understand how do people accept it.

4. It is not exactly easy to move around if you don’t have a car. And a car must be BIG. If you have a BIG car it means you are a person with money, and you will always have priority in traffic and people will respect you more. ( ?????? ) Me-puzzled, I know this is happening in other places as well, but only people with low education will consider this. However this is here generally accepted as a form of respect.

5. The environment is considered the place where you place the rubbish. I cannot explain otherwise the amount of rubbish I have seen in nature.

6. The family values are important, and not being married and without children, means you still have not learnt the meaning of life. So we seemed like two children still playing the grown ups…I see nothing wrong with that :)

7. People are not friendly and are not hospitable. ( EXCEPT of course for Alexey’s family) But I am talking mostly about the people I interact in shops, restaurants and other public places. It is very difficult to pull a smile from a shop seller, even if you smile at them, they will NOT smile back, but most will give u the look “what are you so happy about ??? “

8. Girls are indeed beautiful and most of them are wearing high-hills all the time, however the lack of taste in clothing and the intense make-up is very off putting, as for me.

9. As for the vodka, yes it is true people drink a lot, and I have seen people sleeping in the strangest places due to the “I could not make it further” reason, but they drink all sorts of alcohol and drinking champagne is a really typical thing and it is quite normal to drink it during a celebration, and drinking it not just for a simple toast but for a long run.

I will come back for sure, as I really enjoy Alexey’s family, and his mother makes the best pancakes in the world :)

Some pictures :

Getting energy from a Ukrainian tree

Getting energy from a Ukrainian tree which is 500+ years old

Delicious shashlik

Delicious shashlik



More pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/TravelPhotoReport


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5 Comments on “Impressions about Ukraine”

  1. hahaha))) cool post, Mara) how come portions are small in Ukraine? last time I was there, I was dying under the pile of vareniky in some restaurant..they told me it was one portion…
    maybe crisis? )

    1. I guess crisis has really hit ukraine…or maybe czech republic really got me spoiled with the portions of food :) Best regards to you and Olga :)

  2. sounds like RU esp. the mean people at shops, but if you go to a market where babushki selling what they grew on their dachas – already a completely differnt story ;-)

    1. Indeed :) The “babusky” from the market were so cute, and all giggling when they were hearing me speaking my broken russian and were offering all sort of delicious products to taste :) Hope to see you both sooooonnnn !!!!

  3. Mara,
    nu ma mira deloc…ba chiar suna cunoscut. Ce pacat…
    Te pup

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