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Open air museum Pirogovo – take a day off Kiev

Traveling around Ukraine may take a lot of time as it happens to be the second biggest country in Europe with a population of 45Mln. inhabitants. If you would like to see historical monuments from different regions of Ukraine; or feel the atmosphere of rural Ukraine from 18-19 centruries; or you are just tired of busy and hectic Kiev, you can always choose to make a day trip to the open air museum of Pirogovo. This is the most famous ethnographic open air musuem in Ukraine.

Pirogovo museum Kiev Ukraine 05

This is a museum of architecture and life designed as a park.  The museum houses about 300 houses, churches, windmills and household structures. Perhaps it is the world’s largest open-air museum. It’s definitely the biggest in Eastern Europe.

Pirogovo museum Kiev Ukraine 08

Pirogovo museum differs from its competitors not only by size but by the fact that its exposition represents the whole country, not just a region of Ukraine. You will be able to visit the following regions of the country: Middle Pridneprovie (Middle Dneper region), Poltavschina and Slobozhanschina, Polesye, Podillya, South, and Carpathian Mountains. All these are geographical parts of Ukraine.

Pirogovo museum Kiev Ukraine 07

The objects of the museum are original, with rare exceptions. All of the folk wooden architecture was transported to Pirogovo from different regions of Ukraine mentioned above. They were disassembled by parts, transported here and rebuilt. Many of them without metal nails. The oldest structure is a house of 1587.

Pirogovo museum Kiev Ukraine 06

There is also a huge collection of folk costumes, furniture, utensils, musical instruments. The museum reproduces mostly the rural life of Ukraine from the period of 18 – early 20 centuries.

Pirogovo museum Kiev Ukraine 03

The museum exhibition is divided into two parts: one represents the architecture and life of pre-revolutionary Ukrainian village, and the second – post-revolutionary.

Pirogovo museum Kiev Ukraine 09

Architectural and landscape panorama is complemented with wooden churches and windmills. The oldest of them is Naddniprianskaya Church built back in 1742. Five ancient churches are still active. Services, weddings, baptizing of children take place in several of them nowadays.

Pirogovo museum Kiev Ukraine 04

Most of the houses, churches and windmills are well taken care of, and the park itself looks clean and tidy. There are still some distant parts of the park where houses are drowned in trees and bushes. Some windmills need a bit of reconstruction here and there.

Pirogovo museum Kiev Ukraine 01

Some of the exhibitions inside houses are open and you will be able to see objects of everyday village life from different regions of Ukraine. In the center of the park there is food area with grilled meat, vareniki, borsch and other Urkainian dishes. If you are into food you will definitely be able to taste some good local dishes.

The park is quite big and is a great place for a relaxing day outside of noisy and stuffy Kiev. The entrance fee is low, it is only 3EUR. The easiest way to get there is by minibus No. 172 from Druzhby Narodov metro station.


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