Sunday, October 20th 2019

Health basics


We have taken some quite simple and basic vaccines :

  • Typhus
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Polio
  • Tetanus


It is important to prepare your body for a long trip. Doing some sports for few months before you will start your trip will help you keep fit.
We have chosen swimming, and we have tried as much as possible to practice it twice a week.
However other sports are also beneficial, such as jogging, biking, climbing, roller blading etc.
Just move ! 












This is not temporary, but it is a general and permanent eating habit. We try to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, yogurts, nuts.

We try to cut on:  sugar, fats and junky food (almost never).

I surely love sweets (I am a woman) and ice cream, cakes and chocolate will always tempt me. Howerver I have learnt to educate myself and keep it balanced. I surely have sometimes a bit of sweet delight, but not too much and not too often :)






Keeping fit

Exercise as much as possible, eat healthy, walk rather than taking transport and your travels will become much easier.

Good Luck !


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