Tuesday, November 12th 2019

Friends and weddings

I have reached that point (let’s call it age) in my life, when friends around me are getting married. Badly. And everywhere. Well, I admit mostly back home and less here in Prague. I have escaped most of these ceremonies from back home, due to the : “ups, I live in a different country ” reason, simply because I sincerely dislike weddings (I say dislike as I don’t want to use stronger words).

What makes me dislike weddings ? well… what is it to like about it ?

Should I like the “I wanna be a princes for a day” sadly adopted from bad American movies, type of dream? Or should I like the hysterical, stressful organization of a huge (I mean 2-300 people) wedding, where people come to see how much of a princess you look like, and how uptight the man you love feels in his 2000 $ suit he’s wearing? How nobody cares about real values (like love, for instance), and actually having a good time, but more about how everything looks (or terribly shines). ” Fake luxury ” is describing perfectly the contemporary modern weddings.

Yes, I dislike any sort of weddings like this, and will not participate…so don’t invite me :)

However, I am here to tell you that …I did go to a wedding few weeks ago. A lovely couple, with whom I once shared a flat, decided to get married. And they did. And they had a wedding. And I LIKED IT !

And you know why? Because it didn’t feel like a weeding. It felt like two simple soulmates celebrating their beautiful relationship. With no more than close friends, the their families, nature, blue sky, the sun, the stars and the moon. Nothing more. It was a celebration of love, new life and real emotions.

It has made me understand, once again, that LESS is always MORE.

I want to congratulate my dear friends Vitek and Eva for a real love and to wish them a beautiful and peaceful life together as per the wedding they had.


Beautiful Eva

Beautiful Eva


Vitek & Eva

Vitek & Eva

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